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iOS 4.1 (or higher)


Bible! 3.0+


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0:28 Installing the App

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Installing Logos Bible! Main Menu Overview Context Menu Downloading Resources

Because of the limited screen size on mobile devices, the Logos Bible! App uses a very minimal interface in Reading view. This doesn't mean we're without options, but they may not be immediately recognizable. We'll discuss accessing the different options in this article.

With a resource open, swipe your finger Left or Right to turn the pages. This is the most basic way of navigating within a resource. There are more options in the Resource Interface.

When you swipe Down, the Resource Interface is revealed. You'll find several other options here.

We've color-shifted these icons to be more easily identified in this article. Their exact appearence may be slightly different in the app. There may also be some slight variation when working on the iPad version.


Open the main Menu, to change books, perform searches and access other features in the app. Because of the large amount of information in this section, we've separated it into its own article.

Learn more...


Display information about the current resource, like Author, Publisher and Publication Date. This is also where you'll find the "Download" button if you're planning to use a resource while offline.

Learn more...


Navigate the table of contents by Chapter, Verse, Page, etc. Your exact options will vary by resource, depending on what appears in the table of contents. This is a good place to go if you're ever unsure about what books or chapters might be available, or if you're just having a little trouble remembering how to spell Ecclesiastes.

You can also enter a passage, page number or headword in the reference box to the left, or drag the slider at the bottom of the screen.

Quick Actions and Sharing

Perform a Passage Guide, Comparison and other action based on the current reference without leaving the resource view. This will save a lot of time you might have spent navigating the main Menu.

You can also use this menu to quickly share passages to your Social Network or email.

Access this menu even quicker by swiping Up with your finger while reading.


Save the current location to your Favorites. Favorites can be browsed later in the main Menu, or on the Logos Bible Software application for Mac and Windows.

View Settings

Open the View Settings panel, where you can adjust text size, color scheme and other visual options. You'll find a few extra option in the main Menu, under Settings.

NEW: Audio Bible

The Audio Bible feature is currently available in the Lexham English Bible, New Testament, only (Version: 3.3.0, 05/21/2013). To access it, open the LEB to any New Testament passage. Tap the screen, to reveal the interface. Tap the Speaker Icon at the top of the screen to open the Audio Player.


Basic controls in order, to close player, skip back one verse, play or pause, skip forward one verse and change speed.