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Platform / Device

iPhone 3Gs (or newer) iPad

Operating System

iOS 4.1 (or higher)


Bible! 3.0+


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0:28 Installing the App

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Installing Logos Bible!

Using Multiple Panels

The Logos app allows you to split the screen into two panels. This allows you to read two books at the same time, or use a book and a guide together.

Splitting the View

To split the screen into panels, locate the gray semi-circle in the corner of the screen. Drag it along the side of the screen to split your view.

Selecting Resources

In split view, tap the screen to reveal the menu and select a different resource. The app will automatically replace whichever panel you tapped. The panel that remains will be shaded to show which panel you are changing.

Sync VS Link

When working with two panels, it is possible to read completely separately, or to read the same passage in both panels. This is accomplished by synchronizing the panels, or linking them.

  • Hold the gray semi-circle between the panels.
  • Press the "Sync" option, to bring both resources to the same reference.
  • Toggle the "Link" option, if you would like both panels to follow each other while you scroll.