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What’s the difference between the iPhone, iTouch and iPad app?

The app is essentially the same for all three devices. They use the same general interface, menus, and application from the App Store, but they may appear differently based on screen size available.

Do I have to be a Logos customer to use the iPhone app?

No. Our application is free for anyone to use and can be downloaded from the app store. However, if you are a Logos user, the app will give you access to books from your Logos library.

How much does the iPhone app cost?

The Logos Bible Software app is available for free at the App Store.

Will the Logos Bible app work with my specific iOS Device? Do I have enough space?

We recommend using iOS 9 if your devices support this version (please see the release notes for supported versions). The app itself does not take up much space at all, but installing offline books may require additional storage.
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Do I need to be connected to internet for the app to work?

Yes and no. You will need to be connected to the internet via your cell phone service provider or Wi-Fi to access most search feeatures. And all resources are streamed from the internet by default; however...

Can I read my books offline?

The current version of our app offers limited offline reading by pre-downloading resources to your device (requires an internet connection via your wireless carrier or Wi-Fi).
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Do I have to register my account?

No, but the benefit of registered users is the ability to access an additional 30 free books for customers who don’t have Logos, or access to your library collection for existing Logos users.

Which free books will I have access to on my iPhone?

The speciifc list of titles may vary over time. To ensure unresitrcted access to a free resource, consider purchasing it at

I have a Logos Base Package. Will I be able to see all my books in the Logos Bible app?

All books in a Logos Base Package are supported on mobile. Some books from previous versions may not be immediately available.

On the day we launched the Logos Bible Software iPhone App we had nearly 3,000 titles for the iPhone. We now have over 20,000 books available! We currently have over 30,000 titles available for Logos 5. Those additional resources will be released for the iPhone as we secure rights and convert titles. To find out what titles are currently available, read this forum post.

Which books are compatible with my iPhone?

Any resource that says "Runs on internet" is available for mobile devices. You can browse them all.

Is there anywhere I can learn more about using the app?

Our free online training materials are constantly being updated on our iOS Training Page.