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What is the Menu?

The main Menu is broken into 4 primary areas: Library, Search, News and Settings. It allows you to change resources and provides access to many of the extra features in the Bible app, like Passage Guide, Bible Word Study, Searching, and Reading Plans. To access it, press "Menu" on your device, or tap the Menu icon.

The Library

The Library contains your available books. You'll need to be online to view all of them, but they can be downloaded for offline viewing if needed. You can sort the list by Title or Author. Click the "Sort by.." box to choose which (default is Title).

To search through the list, type part (or all) of the title or author's name in the "Find" box - or simply scroll through the list by swiping up.


The Search menu is broken into several sub-menus: Go, Daily Readings, Search, Guides and Tools. You can quickly switch between them by swiping Left or Right while the Search menu is open.

    What does each sub-menu do?
  • Go allows you to quickly navigate within your open Bible. You can enter a new passage, tap the "Verse" button to use the table of contents, or select previous references from the history list.
  • Daily Readings is your entry point for Reading Plans and Devotionals. You can add more items to the list by pressing the "+" icon.
  • Search works in two modes. "Basic" will search the Library for the terms entered and returns results by page or article while "Bible" searches your Bibles specifially, returning chapter/reference results. You can limit your range by tapping the "Entire Library" button and switching to a smaller collection.
  • Guides provides access to the Passage Guide for searching commentaries and reference books or Bible Word Study Guide for searching definitions and viewing concordances.
  • Tools contains your Favorites, History and the Text Comparison tool for comparing different translations.


Ever wonder what's going on at Logos HQ? This is your gateway to the latest Sales, Specials, Tips and Tricks at or the Logos Blog. Swipe Left or Right to switch between them.


Access the App Settings, Presentations (Proclaim), Help, About and Store sub-menus here.

    What does each sub-menu do?
  • Settings is where you can change text size, Preferred Bible, Color Scheme, etc.
  • Presentations keeps a history of the Proclaim signals from presentations you may be participating in.
  • Help has more information about the app, access to the forums and the "Send Support Info" link will help you email Support with your technical questions.
  • About displays information about the App and your Account.
  • Store will connect you to to purchase additional books for your library. Books purchased in-App will also show up in Logos Bible Software for Mac and Windows.