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Installing Libronix on a Netbook computer

Installing Libronix on a Netbook computer

Many Logos users are now taking advantage of netbooks, or low-cost mini-notebooks, to take their Digital Library everywhere. Netbooks offer portability, but they lack an optical disc drive, and that can make it a little more difficult to install new software. 

To simplify the process, our Base Package collections and replacement discs are now available on SD memory card, which can be used with the built-in SD card reader included in most netbooks, or with an external card reader.

To install from the SD card:

    1. If the installation does not start automatically, open or explore the contents of the SD card and double-click on the Setup.exe application file (.exe may not be visible) to install the Libronix DLS software. Leave that window open to access more files on the card once the installation and activation are complete.
    2. When the Libronix Update window says installation is 'Complete' and 'Click Close to finish', click the Close button.
    3. Open Libronix, enter your Serial Number and/or Account information as prompted, and Synchronize Licenses.
    4. When it asks if you have any discs, answer NO, and click Close.
    5. Close Libronix.<
    6. Open the Setup folder on the SD card and right-click on the Resources folder; c
    7. In that window, or in a new Computer window, navigate to the Local Disk (C:) drive, open the Program Files folder, then the Libronix DLS folder.
    8. Click on Edit | Paste and click on Yes when prompted to replace or merge with the current Resources folder. If this is a new installation, there may not be any duplicate book files, except Help files. If there are duplicate resources, confirm that the top file is newer than the bottom file in the Copy File window and click on Copy and Replace. If all of the top resources are newer, check the "Do this for the next # conflicts" box, if available, and click on Copy and Replace.
    9. Open Libronix. It will begin discovering the resources you copied to the hard drive. When the "Discovering Resources" message in the lower-right corner disappears, click the My Library button on the Libronix toolbar to find your resources.

Of course, you may still need to use other Libronix installation CDs and DVDs for additional products. One of our System Requirements is a CD-ROM or DVD drive, but there are several methods to work around this requirement*:

Use an external optical disc drive.  External drives are relatively inexpensive, and they are the simplest, most user-friendly method, as it requires no setup; just plug it into the USB, and it’s ready to use. Products can then be loaded normally, following the instructions on this page.

Create an ISO disc-image.  More tech-savvy users might consider making an ISO image of a CD or DVD with another computer, and then accessing that ISO image in a virtual disc drive on the netbook.

Share a disc drive over a network.  If you have a home or office network, you might try sharing the drive from another computer.

Install Libronix from our website, and copy your books from an existing computer.  If you already have Libronix installed on another computer, you can manually backup your resources onto a USB flash drive or external hard drive, and move them over to your netbook.

    • On your current computer (on which Libronix is already installed):
      1. Browse to C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS, right-click the Resources folder, and choose Send To > Removable Disc.
      2. Open Libronix, and go to Tools| Library Management| Backup Licenses. In the Backup Licenses browse window, save the Backup file to your removable USB drive.
    • On your netbook:
      1. Install Libronix by downloading the latest version.
      2. Open Libronix and go to Tools > Account Management.  Indicate you are an EXISTING USER, and you want to proceed From a Backup. In the Restore Licenses browse window, open the License Backup file you saved on your USB drive.
      3. When it asks if you have any discs, answer NO, and close Libronix.
      4. Move the Resources folder from your USB or external hard drive to C:\Program Files\Libronix DLS and REPLACE the Resources folder that already exists there.  (If you have a 64-bit version of Windows, the path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Libronix DLS.)

* NOTE:  Our suggestions of alternate installation methods are basic guidelines, but the many differences between personal networks and devices go far beyond what we can support. We will provide free technical assistance for Libronix DLS software, however, for the best support of any issues with drives, networks, or other software, please contact the respective device manufacturer or network administrator.

Last Updated: 4/20/2012