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Will Logos work on my Kindle?

A: Yes! If you're using a Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX, you can download the Logos Bible App by visiting the Amazon App Store.

Note: To find out what version of Android your Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX Logos requires, please click here.

Are any other Logos Apps available for my Kindle Fire?

A: We produce several apps, most of which are compatible with the Fire series tablets. The only exception being the Faithlife EBooks app, but your Faithlife EBooks can be accessed through the Bible! app.

Note: Most articles and training materials at do not show a Kindle Fire, but the actions and behaviors should be almost identical to any other Android device.

What features will I be missing on my Kindle Fire?

A: None. You should be able to use all of the mobile app features available to other Android users.

Can Logos books be installed on my regular Kindle?

A: Unfortunately, no. For various licensing and technical reasons, we can not support Logos resources in other formats.