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You may receive the following errors when attempting to update or reinstall Logos Bible Software 4:

  • The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.
  • Another version of Logos 4 is already installed.  Installation of this version cannot be continued. To configure or remove existing version of this product, use add/remove program in control panel.


These errors occur because the Windows uninstaller did not remove all the Logos 4 entries from your registry or those registries have been corrupted. You can use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility to remove the registry entries that are causing the problem.

Part 1: Backup your Logos 4 Data

If Logos 4 is not yet installed, skip to Part 2.

  • Right-click the Logos 4 icon and select "Properties".
  • Click the "Open File Location" button ("Find Target for XP Users).
  • Move the Data, Documents & Users folders to your Desktop.
  • Delete the remaining folders, System, Install, etc..



Part 2A: Using the Microsoft "Fix it" Tool

Microsoft has created an automated tool to resolve these problems with the Windows Installer. Please try their fix below. If that does not work, move to Step 2B.


The Diagnose and fix program installing and uninstalling problems automatically troubleshooter may automatically fix the problem described in this article.

This troubleshooter fixes many problems.Learn more

If this step was succesful, skip to Step 3. If the error re-occurs, repeat this article using step 2B instead.

Part 2B: Install the Windows Install Cleanup Utility
  • Click here and choose Run (or Open) when prompted.  This will install the Windows Installer Clean Up utility on your computer.
  • When the installation is complete, go to Start | Programs and open Windows Install Clean Up.
  • Hold your Ctrl key down and select any of the following entries that are listed:


(All Users) Logos 4 Prerequisites


Logos Bible Software 4


  • Click on the Remove button to remove registry entries for these Logos 4 components.
  • Click OK.
  • When complete, click on Exit to close the program.

Part 3: Re-install & Restore your Logos 4 Data

Reinstall Logos 4 by clicking here. If Logos 4 was not previously installed, skip Step 3 and simply sign in. Logos 4 may open automatically; if it does, close it.

  • Right-click the Logos 4 icon and select "Properties".
  • Click the "Open File Location" button ("Find Target for XP Users).
  • Move the DataDocuments & Users folders from your Desktop, to the Logos 4 directory.
    • Replace any files if prompted.
  • Open Logos 4 & sign in.