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Installing Logos 4 Diagnostic Logging for Windows About Indexing

Logos Bible Software processes searches through a detailed index of your library. This allows the program to find and display results fromt he entire library in a fraction of the time it would take to manually search each resource. To do this, an unique index must be created for each user, and updated whenever additional books are added, or existing books are updated. This article will guide you through troubleshooting possible issues that may arise durring the indexing process.

Possible issues:

Indexing Errors:

  1. If the following error occurs: "Logos Bible Software 4 Indexer has encountered a problem and needs to close." Click on Send Error Report.
  2. If you've recently merged new resources into your main index, you will need to rebuild the index. To do this, type rebuild index in the Command box and press Enter. Restart Logos 4.
  3. If the crash reoccurs during an index rebuild, please call Customer Support at 800-875-6467, or email The technician may request log files. Diagnostic logging instructions can be found here.

Indexing is taking too long:

Indexing time can vary by computer and size of library. It may take a few hours to complete. During this time, it is important to leave your computer running. Do not turn it off or restart it.

Indexer seems to be running in a loop or has halted:

You may need to rebuild the index.

  1. Type rebuild index in the Command box and press Enter.
  2. Close Logos 4.
Note: It is important that you do not use Logos 4 while it is re-indexing. If the time remaining has not changed for an hour or more, or it continues to increase until it says there are days remaining, please call Customer Support at 800-875-6467, or email