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While installing or updating Logos Bible Software 4, you receive an error indicating that the .NET Framework 3.5 Installation did not succeed.


Microsoft's .NET Framework 3.5 is likely already installed, but has become corrupted.

Effected Operating Systems: Windows XP & Windows Vista


Because this error is usually caused by corruption in the .NET Framework itself, it is usually best to remove .NET 3.5 and reinstall it.

Uninstall or "Cleanup" .NET 3.5

  1. Close all open applications.
  2. Download the .NET Cleanup Utility zip file.
  3. Extract the cleanup_tool.exe to your Desktop, then open it.
  4. You will be asked if you would like to run the utility, choose Yes.
  5. Accept the EULA.
  6. Select ".NET Framework - All Versions"
  7. Click the Cleanup Now button and wait for cleanup to finish.
  8. This may take a while and appear inactive. If it does not complete, or displays an error, please contact a Microsoft Technician.
  9. When Cleanup has finished, reboot your computer.

You may receive error messages when Windows starts, this isn't abnormal and should be resolved once .NET is reinstalled.

Reinstall .NET 3.5

  1. Download the .NET Framework 3.5.1 Setup from Microsoft (filename: dotnetfx35setup.exe).
  2. Open dotnetfx35setup.exe and follow the prompts to install.
  3. Retry your Logos 4 installation or update by clicking here.

In most cases this will resolve the issue. In the rare case that you are still unable to install .NET, you may want to followup with your Computer Manufacturer or Microsoft. If you have questions, or feel that you are unable to follow the instructions, please call Support at 1-800-875-6467, open 6:00am-5:00pm Pacific, or email