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Study the Word with the World’s Greatest Preachers

In Logos, sermons are more than transcripts and audio—they’re Bible study tools. Linked and tagged like any other Logos resource, these sermons are searchable and interconnected with your other resources, so you can access relevant insights in seconds. It’s like adding an entire commentary set drawn from your favorite preachers’ sermons.

“A good sermon is not like a club that beats upon the will but like a sword that cuts to the heart.”

Tim Keller

35+ years of preaching

1300+ Sermons


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“No profession has as high a liability potential as that of one who preaches God’s Word.”

John MacArthur

40+ years of preaching

3000+ Sermons


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“Keep revising, praying, and preparing so it is not so much that you have mastered the material as that it has mastered you.”

D.A. Carson

20+ years of preaching

550+ Sermons


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Matt Chandler Sermon Archive (369 Sermons)

Matt Chandler

Over 360 sermons

Chandler has developed a worldwide reputation for insightful, expositional preaching that calls his hearers to action and application. He serves as lead pastor at The Village Church in Texas and president of the Acts 29 Network.

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Greg Laurie Sermon Archive

Greg Laurie

Over 1200 sermons

Award-winning author, evangelist, and senior pastor Greg Laurie brings 21 years’ worth of sermons to your library. Pastor of a large church in California, he excels at relating the eternal Word of God to the needs of everyday life.

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Adrian Rogers Sermon Archive (1,925 sermons)

Adrian Rogers

Over 1900 sermons

One of the most recognized figures in Southern Baptist history, Rogers led the SBC’s Conservative Resurgence after becoming its president in 1979. He was a pastor for decades and touched the lives of millions through his radio ministry.

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David Platt Sermon Archive (344 Sermons)

David Platt

Over 340 sermons

Author of the runaway bestseller Radical, Platt is one of the most provocative preachers in ministry today. He delivers bold, gospel-centered, and impassioned sermons on salvation, discipleship, missions, family, and much more.

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J.D. Greear Sermon Archive: 2009–2015 (212 Sermons)

J.D. Greear

Over 200 sermons

Famous for cutting through cliches, Greear combines a talent for interpreting the Bible with intuitive and deep understanding of how Christianity affects real people and everyday life. Includes sermons from Exodus, Psalms, Isaiah, and more.

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Jimmy Evans Sermon Archive

Jimmy Evans
Over 400 Sermons


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Skip Heitzig Sermon Archive (900+ Sermons)

Skip Heitzig
Over 900 Sermons


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Miles McPherson Sermon Archive (419 Sermons)

Miles McPherson
Over 400 Sermons


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Tony Evans Sermon Archive (1,292 Sermons)

Tony Evans
Over 1200 Sermons


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