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Master Feature Collection (1,634 resources)
The study and research tools in Logos Bible Software are sometimes only as good as the library that comes with them. The larger your library, the more effective you can be in your study of the Bible. Whether you are working with the Factbook, Passage Guide or the Exegetical Guide, the resources in your library, commentaries, grammars, dictionaries, and reference works, are the fuel that drive all the best features in Logos Bible Software. With over fifteen hundred reference works, Master Feature Collection gives you everything you need to make the most of your sermon writing, bible study, exegesis, and research.
New Testament Apocrypha: More Noncanonical Scriptures, vol. 1
by Landau, Brent, Burke, Tony
This anthology of ancient nonbiblical Christian literature presents informed introductions to and readable translations of a wide range of little-known apocryphal texts, most of which have never before been translated into any modern language. An introduction to the volume as a whole addresses the most significant features of the writings included and contextualizes them within the contemporary study of the Christian Apocrypha. The body of the book comprises thirty texts that have been carefully introduced, copiously annotated, and translated into English by eminent scholars. With dates of composition ranging from the second century CE to early in the second millennium, these fascinating texts provide a more complete picture of Christian thought and expression than canonical texts alone can offer.
Logos 8 Collector’s Edition
Logos 8 Collector’s Edition includes a massive library of Bible study resources including commentaries, theological journals, reference works, Greek and Hebrew resources, and much more. With resources running the gamut from devotional and pastoral to theological and academic, this package has everything you need for serious study of the Bible and its world. Not only does it include modern standards like the New International Commentary series but it’s also full of classic resources from across Church history. And of course, it includes every Bible study tool we’ve created. Collector’s Edition is a dream package for anybody with a passion for in-depth study of the Word.
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Secret Scriptures Revealed
by Burke, Tony
Discover fascinating and obscure apocryphal stories. Examine the influence of apocryphal literature on Christian art and popular culture. Understand how the Apocrypha shed light on early Christian communities and the canonical Bible. Rather than dismissing Apocrypha, Secret Scriptures Revealed demonstrates how these texts can help our understanding of early Christianity. Interest in the wide assortment of texts not included in the Bible has never been stronger. Much has been written on the subject, but questions, misunderstandings, and hysteria still exist. Where did the apocryphal texts come from? Who wrote them? Why were they not included in the Bible? Is reading these texts harmful to personal faith? Secret Scriptures Revealed deconstructs the many myths about Christian apocryphal texts and clearly answers questions about them.
Logos 8 Ultimate
Containing every title available in Logos 8 base packages, Logos 8 Ultimate is the largest library of Bible study resources we offer. From ancient biblical text fragments to brand new resources on prayer, Logos 8 Ultimate holds an impressive range of commentaries and academic resources like the Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture, to philosophical collections like the Works of Kierkegaard, to today's devotional resources. With every Logos Bible study tool included, the richest depository of knowledge we offer is made available in Logos 8 Ultimate. This is the package for anybody who wants to access every spiritual, theological, historical, and exegetical detail informing study of the Word.
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Ancient Literature Collection (73 resources)
The Bible was not written in isolation or a vacuum. Rather it was written by people who lived in particular times and places far removed from our contemporary world. The Ancient Literature Collection presents a comprehensive library of resources that populate your Passage Guide with ancient parallels, quotations, and allusions from the Apostolic Fathers, the Talmud, the Mishnah, apocryphal writings, and more. Instantly see any verse’s interpretation, application, and reuse throughout the ancient world.