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Jack Cottrell
About the Author

Dr. Jack W. Cottrell has been a professor of theology at Cincinnati Christian University since 1967. Dr. Cottrell has earned a BA, ThB from Cincinnati Christian University; a BA from the University of Cincinnati; an MDiv from Westminster Theological Seminary; and a PhD from Princeton Theological Seminary.

He’s been married to his beautiful wife, Barbara, for over 50 years, and he ministers at the Bright Christian Church in Bright, Indiana. Dr. Cottrell has been teaching theology at the Cincinnati Christian University for over 40 years, and he’s been writing for over 30 years. He and Barbara have three children and four grandchildren.

Those who know Dr. Cottrell know he’s a huge fan of University of Kentucky basketball and bluegrass music. He likes to read mystery novels and watch Wheel of Fortune and Texas Hold’em tournaments.


Headship, Submission and the Bible: Gender Roles in the Home
by Jack Cottrell
Headship, Submission and the Bible examines the concepts of headship and submission as the main biblical descriptions of the respective roles of men and women. Focusing on three New Testament passages (1 Corinthians 11:3–16, Ephesians 5:21–33, 1 Peter 3:1–7), author Jack Cottrell illustrates how egalitarianism is not supported by sound biblical exegesis. He examines both the feminist and complementarian views of headship and submission and provides a new approach to interpreting these hotly debated gender roles.
Perspectives Series (4 vols.)
by Ralph Colle, Daniel L. Akin, J. Matthew Pinson, . . .
The 4-volume Perspectives Series from Broadman & Holman has been crafted to tackle the particular issues which have been a source of conflict and division throughout the history of the church. From baptism to election, from church polity to worship style, these volumes contain chapters written by pastors and scholars who hold views divergent from one another, and who seek to find points of mutual understanding and resolution.
College Press Biblical Studies Collection (6 vols.)
by Jack Cottrell, Peter Verkruyse, Rubel Shelly, . . .
How does the Bible connect with daily life? And what does the Bible say about the biggest issues facing ordinary Christians? The books in the 6-volume College Press Biblical Studies Collection cover a range of important topics in the Bible, from a biblical view of baptism and the challenges faced by the church in Acts, to a range of historical and cultural issues in difficult Old Testament texts. These books also uncover what the Bible says about pain, suffering, reconciliation, and the everyday challenges and trials faced by ordinary Christians. The College Press Biblical Studies Collection lays the foundation for thoughtful, meaningful, and reflective Bible study. This collection is ideal for small group and Bible study leaders, for groups looking to dive deeper into Scripture, and for anyone looking to take their study of God’s Word to the next level.
College Press Spiritual Warfare Collection (4 vols.)
by Knofel Staton, Leonard Thompson, Shane J. Wood, . . .
What does the Bible teach about spiritual warfare? What are the roles of the Holy Spirit and angels? How does Revelation’s imagery apply to contemporary Christian living? The College Press Spiritual Warfare Collection aids you in your journey of discovery through Scripture’s teaching on angels, demons, the Holy Spirit, and more. It provides biblical evidence of, and practical application on, the spiritual realm.
Baptism: A Biblical Study
by Jack Cottrell
The topic of baptism does not have to divide us—it can be one of the Bible doctrines that submerges us in a common relationship with our Lord Jesus.
Perspectives on Election: Five Views (Perspectives)
by Jack Cottrell, Clark Pinnock, Robert L. Reymond, . . .
How does God ordain who will spend eternity with him? Did God decide that certain specific persons would go to heaven or hell before he created the world? Did God know everything that will ever happen before he created anything? If so, did God know this because he determined these things would happen, or vice versa? Will everyone eventually go to heaven? Answers to these and many other theological questions reveal various perspectives on the doctrine of election. Perspectives on Election presents, in counterpoint form, five common views of predestination that have developed over the course of church history, with a goal of clarifying which one is most faithful to Scripture. Each of the main chapters is written by a prominent representative from within one of the five belief systems and addresses the major biblical, historical, and theological issues of that tradition. In addition, each writer provides a brief response to other presentations.
Mobile Ed: Jack W. Cottrell on Grace and Baptism (2 courses)
by Jack Cottrell, Dr. Jack Cottrell, Logos Mobile Education
Learn more about the doctrines of grace and baptism from theologian and author Jack W. Cottrell with this two-course bundle. Dr. Cottrell walks through these important concepts, unpacking key verses and discussing historical positions. You’ll learn how these doctrines relate to topics like salvation, justification, faith, and works.
Mobile Ed: TH278 Jack W. Cottrell on the Doctrine of Baptism (5 hour course)
by Jack Cottrell, Dr. Jack Cottrell, Logos Mobile Education
Jack W. Cottrell’s course on the doctrine of baptism explores the connection between baptism and salvation through an in-depth examination of this rite in the New Testament. The course begins with a presentation of principles for Christian baptism and then moves on to a study of key related Scripture passages. Dr. Cottrell covers historical perspectives on baptism and fields questions about and objections to his perspective. The course concludes with an evaluation of the practice of infant baptism.
Mobile Ed: TH268 Jack W. Cottrell on the Doctrine of Grace (10 hour course)
by Jack Cottrell, Dr. Jack Cottrell, Logos Mobile Education
In this course on the doctrine of grace (TH268), Jack W. Cottrell will help you dive deep into the biblical and theological underpinnings of the topic of grace. “Grace” is a word we use often as Christians; however, as a theological concept it is often underdeveloped and misunderstood. Dr. Cottrell will help you develop a robust understanding of grace as he guides you in an exploration of the attributes of grace in relation to the law, key passages of Scripture, and the contributions of historical figures who helped develop the doctrine of grace. Dr. Cottrell demonstrates how a proper understanding of grace applies to and changes your life.
The Faith Once for All: Bible Doctrine for Today
by Jack Cottrell
In this volume, Jack Cottrell has written a systematic theology, carefully and thoroughly setting forth an examination of the Bible’s teaching concerning every major subject. The Faith Once for All is a powerful and dynamic view on Bible doctrine. Doctrine is nothing less than food for the soul, nourishing and strengthening us within. This book is a valuable asset that will serve as the cornerstone of your biblical reference library.
The College Press NIV Commentary: Romans, Volume 1
by Jack Cottrell
God’s word is a lamp to our feet and a light for our path (Psalm 119:105), and no part of it shines more brilliantly than the book of Romans. The truth of God’s Word sets us free (John 8:32) and Romans teaches us the most liberating of all truth. God’s Word is sharp and piercing like a sword (Hebrew...
The College Press NIV Commentary: Romans Volume 2
by Jack Cottrell
This volume on the second half of Romans addresses some of the most difficult passages within the book. The power in the Epistle to the Romans is as important today as it was in years past. If Christians today are going to evangelize the world and reverse the losses of the past century we must rediscover the power of God?s salvation exposed and explained in Romans.
The Holy Spirit: A Biblical Study
by Jack Cottrell
As the energizer of your faith, the Holy Spirit wants to bring you into a transforming relationship with the Father. He wants to empower you to live an obedient, God-honoring life. Dr. Jack Cottrell has written a clear and succinct study of what the Bible teaches concerning God’s Spirit.
The College Press NIV Commentary Series: New Testament (CPNIV) (19 vols.)
by David A. Fiensy, Larry Chouinard, Allen Black, . . .
The College Press Commentary Series, which is based on the New International Version Bible, blends solid scholarship with practical usefulness. This 19-volume, non-technical commentary on the complete New Testament was written with the layperson, Bible study leader, preacher, or youthworker in mind.
What the Bible Says about the Holy Spirit: Power from on High
by Jack Cottrell
The person and work of the Holy Spirit is a neglected study in many churches. Some Christians think that the subject is so deep and mysterious that it is futile to study it. Others hesitate to emphasize the study of the Holy Spirit since some religious groups hold such extreme views regarding Him.
What the Bible Says about Grace: Set Free!
by Jack Cottrell
In this definitive study on what the Bible says about grace, Dr. Jack Cottrell engages the reader in a sweeping review of every passage of Scripture that teaches on this important truth. Primarily focusing on Paul’s teaching in Romans 1-8 as well as drawing from many other texts in both testaments, Dr. Cottrell presents a simple, practical, and thorough case for an accurate biblical view of God’s grace.
College Press NIV Commentary (42 vols.)
by David A. Fiensy, Larry Chouinard, Allen Black, . . .
Containing 40 volumes and covering every book of the Bible, The College Press NIV Commentary Collection delivers verse-by-verse explanation of the biblical text that’s as informative as it is accessible. In addition to the book introductions in each volume of commentary, this collection also includes two entire volumes dedicated to Old and New Testament introduction. This series brings together top-notch biblical scholarship and the clarity of the most popular modern translation of the Bible. The clear exposition makes this set useful for sermon preparation and Bible study and the scholarly approach makes them useful for advanced research on the text of Scripture.
What the Bible Says Series (8 vols.)
by Daniel Overdorf, Kenneth L. Boles, Jack Cottrell, . . .
What does the Bible say about grace? The heart of God? Worship? Suffering? The church? The Holy Spirit? Heaven? These are important questions that many Christians have asked and that new Christians will continue to ask—the What the Bible Says series is a fantastic starting point for answers.
Ministry Collection (27 vols.)
by Oswald Chambers, Andy Stanley, James Estep Jr., . . .
The Ministry Collection gathers practical resources for effectively serving people and serving the church. Refocus on the heart of Christian ministry with John Piper, dig into Oswald Chambers’ classic resource on Christian counseling, examine biblical forgiveness, study the principles of biblical ministry, get guidance on eldership, explore the intracacies of New Testament discipleship, and much more.
What the Bible Says about God the Creator, Ruler, Redeemer: God Most High
by Jack Cottrell
Understanding more about God as the Creator, Ruler, and Redeemer of mankind can assist greatly in making that relationship deeper and more meaningful. In this comprehensive and thought provoking book, Jack Cottrell takes us on a thorough journey through Scripture in order to gain a deeper understanding of what the Bible says about God as Creator, Ruler, and Redeemer. Cottrell’s meticulous and careful approach to the subject makes this a valuable resource for personal or professional study.
Colección Herramientas para el líder (21 vols.)
by Literature And Teaching Ministries, Sánchez, Jorge Oscar, A. W. Tozer, . . .
La Colección Herramientas para el líder tiene como propósito ayudar a cubrir esta necesidad, aportando herramientas para algunas de las áreas más destacadas de su ministerio. Para ello, Logos ha recopilado 21 obras de autores con gran reconocimiento internacional, y que cubren temas como: predicación, doctrina bíblica, hermenéutica, teología, liderazgo, ministerio familiar, evangelización y misiones.
Colección Crecimiento espiritual (15 vols.)
by Alexander Strauch, Elliff, Jim, Palmer, W. Robert, . . .
Nuestro crecimiento espiritual y el de aquellos que nos rodean debería ser un objetivo constante. Hasta el día en que nos reencontremos cara a cara con nuestro Salvador, este será un proceso en desarrollo que requiere alimento continuo.
La fe una vez dada
by Jack Cottrell
“No sea uno llevado de aquí para allá por todo viento de doctrina”. En el tiempo de Judas, el autor bíblico, los creyentes en el evangelio necesitaban afirmarse en la fe que se les entregó. Hoy no ha cambiado. Dr. Jack Cottrell explica las principales doctrinas bíblicas con pasajes bíblicos, razonamientos, citas de estudiosos de antaño y de hoy, y con sentido común para convencer a sus lectores. Este libro será especialmente adecuado para afirmar los fundamentos teológicos de su congregación sob...
Colección devocional (14 vols)
by Jeremiah Burroughs, John Stott, Jack Cottrell, . . .
La nueva Colección Devocional (14 vols.) te ayudará a estar cada día más cerca del Señor y a fortalecerte en su Palabra. Recopila geniales libros escritos por destacados autores, que te llevarán a mejorar tu relación con Dios y apuntalar tu vida ministerial en el sólido fundamento de las Escrituras. Incluyendo obras de John Piper, John Stott, Tim Keller, John Owen y William Still entre otros, su lectura sencilla y práctica supondrá un viaje a través de importantes enseñanzas bíblicas que de ninguna manera te dejarán indiferente.
En su camino
by Jack Cottrell
¿Ha tratado alguna vez de armar una bicicleta, un modelo de un avión, o un mueble sin leer las instrucciones? Es confuso ¿no? El Hacedor del universo ha provisto en la Santa Biblia las instrucciones para “armar” una vida feliz. Ciertamente estaremos confundidos si no seguimos este camino trazado en Su Palabra, el cual nos llevará al verdadero crecimiento espiritual.