Logos 6 Product Reviews

Collector’s Edition

“My Greek professor recommended getting the highest base package of Logos one can afford. He was right!” —Bob Amis

“Best bang for the buck for acquiring so many great academic resources.” —Matthew Langlois


“Having this kind of power at your fingertips, makes bible study, sermon preparation, and teaching of different classes, an absolute pleasure. I teach several courses in our District as well as State Congresses, and having Logos 6 on hand helps me to be not only a good teacher but excellent instructor and preacher.” —Dr. DeBose

“Logos 6 with Portfolio is amazing! I continue to be impressed with this phenomenal software. It has taken my Bible study to new levels. Thank you Faithlife for all you do to continuously improve everything.” —Bruce Dunning

“Logos is an amazing product! I continue to marvel at the volumes of material that are just a click away. I am presently at the overpowering Logos 6 Portfolio and continue to absorb new material each day! Thank you for enhancing my Bible Study, Sermon preparation, and enhancing my overall perspective of the Holy Word.” —Jerry Petering


“Diamond is a great collection. A lot of resources for a great price.” —Cliff Stumpf

“Excellent resource for real Bible study. The software collects the resources for you, all you have to do is read. I don’t know of any Bible Software that comes close to Logos.” —Calvin L. Coles


“I am in the Master of Divinity program at Northwestern University of Saint Paul, and Logos 6 has been instrumental in receiving A’s on my papers, giving me great insight into the word of God, and improving my own studies and relationship with the Word!” —Joaquin Ramirez


“Started out in the Libronix days & have followed along - I just made the jump to Gold from Silver (previous Pastor’s Library) & I’m already enjoying the additional tools. Also really delighted that Logos is now offering regular training videos & webinars - I spend about one hour a week learning how to use these tools more effectively & efficiently.” —Rick Womack

“So far I am loving the Gold package it has streamlined my bible study by 10 fold. I highly recommend the investment in the Logos libraries. I love how you can add to your current library when needed and where you need it most. Thank God for this marvelous tool for biblical study.” —James B. Angus Jr.


“Fantastic, I use this for pastoral ministry, it’s a great starting block on which to build my library.” —Alexander Townsend

“I love the Logos software. When I am looking for anything I go to the Logos and search for it. I have found it to be so resourceful. I have spent hours searching and reading. It has so much information within the software that I will never buy another book unless it is to upgrade my Logos. It is worth every penny I spent.” —Libby Northcraft-Grier

“Works great and seems faster than Logos 5. I have not checked out every new feature, but am enjoying what I have found. The datasets reflect a lot of thought and effort. A couple specific things I have appreciated are the inline search and the frequency graph on the speaker popup (and it’s even in the colors of the rainbow!). Thanks.” —Ben Anderson


“Great package I combined it with the Tyndale commentary and got it in 12 monthly payments. Originally started out with the starter package but have now grown to a much larger library. I focus a lot on commentaries so this Bronze package fit the bill.” —Diego Lara

“I love Logos 6. I really appreciate how thorough it is, and that I can leave notes electronically that are available on all my platforms. Thank you for your hardwork and diligence in creating a wonderful product that helps me draw closer to our Savior.” —Kelly Gerber

“I’ve been following the Logos series for a long time now. Having upgraded recently, I was impressed by the additional features to this version. Searching for background information, culture-related write-ups, and in the original languages is much better linked now, and the included DIY Study Bible with introductory videos and daily reading plan really fire up a fresh enthusiasm for God’s Word. Great job!” —Wesley Cheong

“I have been with Logos a long time - started with Libronix. Each new version just gets better and better. I have Logos 6 Bronze now. It is a very powerful program. Congratulations on a tremendous bible study product.” —Bill Culbertson


“Enjoying this software. So many great resources.” —Dorothy Pollock

“I’m still getting to know the software. However as I go through the training videos I’m understanding better exactly how powerful the program is for everyone. It doesn’t matter their level of work/experience. My family and I will benefit greatly from it.” —Cedric Raven

Feature Crossgrade

“Love the new tools and interface. It has been many years since I’ve updated and I like what I see.” —Brian K. Hadley

“Logos 6 is an incredibly powerful, but easy to use Bible Study Software. I am amazed at the additional insight this tool is providing me, ... and I haven’t yet gone through the tutorials! I highly recommend Logos 6 as a great way to dig deeper and gain better insight and understanding of God’s word!” —Richard Trayler


“I’ve had the regular LOGOS for a while and it was great. Now they have come up with LOGOS6 with this version a person does not need anything else for BIBLE study.You have such a vast resourse at your finger tips.” —Albert Cox


“Great tools! I recently switched from the regular Logos gold to Logos reformed, found more solid study material which I like. My ultimate goal is to get the portfolio reformed, or even the collectors edition.” —Brian Poad

“This resource with the Collector's Edition offer and well rounded library for the pastor and scholar alike. The wealth of Reformed resources in the Reformed Portfolio package is outstanding - a tremendous value for the amount invested.” —5 Solas


“Excellent software. There is somewhat of a learning curve for the beginner and yet there is a large variety of advanced features.” —Theos Institute


“Master Catholic Library and Data Sets are outstanding. Training is provided through the videos posted online. I’ll never finish reading all the stuff I want in this library. How to pick and choose?” —Rob Henderson

“My base package and my first time using the program. Still learning, but loving it! My Bible study is really coming alive.” —David Ruley