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Peter Craigie demonstrates that the biblical psalms express “the most profound of human feelings and insights—prayer, praise, liturgy, wisdom and lament.” Through careful analysis of language, form, and historical setting, he communicates both the emotional and theological impact of the psalms as originally experienced by the people of Israel at public worship and in private devotions. Professor Craigie's translations and interpretations of the first 50 Psalms provide insights into the Hebrew language and how Israel's literature draws from Ugaritic texts. He provides a careful and critical analysis of various scholarly proposals and their implications for modern interpretation of the Psalter.

Author Bios

Peter C. Craigie

Peter C. Craigie (1938–1985) was the academic vice president at the University of Calgary, Alberta, where he had also been a professor of religious studies and the dean of the Faculty of Humanities. He is the author of Ugarit and the Old Testament and the volume on Deuteronomy in the New International Commentary on the Old Testament.

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Marvin E. Tate

Senior Professor, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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