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TH200 Christian Thought: Orthodoxy and Heresy (Videos)

TH200 Christian Thought: Orthodoxy and Heresy (Videos)

Beth Felker Jones

| Lexham Press | 2016


In her approachable and relatable teaching style, Dr. Beth Felker Jones explains major doctrines and heresies of the Christian faith. She describes the concepts of divine revelation, the Trinity, the fall, salvation, grace and free will, and the differences between Calvinism and Arminianism. You’ll gain a basic understanding of pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit), ecclesiology (the study of the Church), eschatology (the study of end times), and the many related heresies. Additionally, you’ll learn to harmonize Scripture, tradition, experience, and reason in understanding and forming your own theology.

Author Bio

Dr. Beth Felker Jones teaches theology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois and earned her PhD at Duke University. Dr. Jones is the author of several books, including a study of the bodily resurrection titled The Marks of His Wounds (Oxford University Press, 2007), God the Spirit (Cascade, 2014), and Practicing Christian Doctrine (Baker Academic, 2014). She also writes for The Christian Century and is committed to writing theology for the church. Dr. Jones’ interests include conversion, theology and gender, and what it means to be human in Christ. She and her husband, Brian, have four children.