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Preaching Through Romans is a handheld library of sermons covering all of Romans in 65 messages. It is designed to be used as a companion to the commentary Study Verse by Verse: Romans. A believer’s study of the Word of God is not complete when we simply understand the meaning of a passage. We must ask the question, “How does this truth apply to my life?” This book is designed to help the reader take that step. Whether you read these sermons as a part of your own personal meditation through Romans or use them to help you prepare to preach or teach it to others, they will help you begin a practical journey through Paul’s magnificent letter. Of all of Paul’s letters, Romans contains the most thorough explanation of his beliefs. Why? Paul wanted to teach in the churches of Rome and have their support as he started planting churches in the western part of the Mediterranean. Before that could happen, the church leaders of Rome needed to know more than Paul’s reputation; they needed to be convinced his doctrine was sound.