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In Praise of Folly, Erasmus's best-known work, is considered one of the most notable works of the Renaissance humanists. His satirical lampooning of the traditions of European society, of the Catholic Church, and superstitions popular in his day sparked wide acclaim and wide condemnation—and sold far better than he anticipated. The work was quickly translated all over Europe, and was read for its humor, irony, rhetorical art, and statement of Christian ideals which Erasmus espoused.

Author Bio

Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus (October 28, 1466 – July 12, 1536), known as Erasmus of Rotterdam, was a Dutch Renaissance humanist, Catholic priest, and a theologian. Erasmus was a classical scholar who wrote in a pure Latin style and enjoyed the sobriquet “Prince of the Humanists. ” He has been called “the crowning glory of the Christian humanists. ” Using humanist techniques for working on texts, he prepared important new Latin and Greek editions of the New Testament.