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In this study, the author aims to determine whether the Palestinian Targum, when approached from various angles, shows a definite relation with the New Testament, one that is not found in rabbinic writings. It will be evident that there is no intention of attempting to prove that every text of the PT is of pre-Christian date. Even a moderate knowledge of the PT will indicate that there are at least some passages from the centuries after the time of Christ. The author intends, however, to propose arguments from the NT and rabbinic writings which indicate an early, even pre-Christian, date for the bulk of the material of the PT. It may be objected that this method is of scant value for NT exegesis, seeing that any individual text of the PT could be a later date. The author grants that there still will remain the necessity of studying individual PT texts in depth. This, nonetheless, in no way invalidates the method followed in the volume. If it is possible to show that there is a manifold relation between the PT and the NT than the author has established a strong argument for the pre-Christian date of the PT as such. Exegetes can thus legitimately turn to PT when they seek the elucidation of some obscure NT text.