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Every year hundreds—even thousands—of scholars and students go to Israel and pay for the privilege of working hard at uncovering its past. Why? The appeal of the Hebrew Bible lies pre-eminently in its link with history and archaeology. Questions of Israelite origins have dominated much of the twentieth century scholarship on biblical history, and continue to fascinate scholars and laypersons from both Christian and Jewish traditions around the world. This volume examines the history of the Israelite and Judean states. The contributors cover method, society, and historical sources.

Author Bio

Philip R. Davies (1945–) is a biblical scholar with interests in early Judaism, ancient Israel, and the Dead Sea Scrolls. He earned degrees from Oxford University and the University of St. Andrews.

In 1974, Davies began teaching at the University of Sheffield, where he is now the Research Professor of Biblical Studies. He served as a co-founder of Sheffield Academic Press, the academic imprint based at the University of Sheffield.

Davies contributed volumes in several different collections including the Sheffield Reader CollectionStudies on the Prophets, and the Studies on Genesis. He has authored and edited several books and essays like First Person: Essays in Biblical Autobiography and The Bible in Human Society: Essays in Honor of John Rogerson.