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Published posthumously, New Testament Word Studies is an excerpt from Ernest DeWitt Burton’s unfinished, life-long project to create a dictionary of terms for the English New Testament. This volume is comprised of Burton’s in-depth analysis of some of the most significant words from the New Testament. Burton explores a word’s treatment in the New Testament, as well as its usage in other writings from the same era. A succinct and practical reference book on the New Testament, Burton also provides a detailed index categorized by the books of the New Testament and the verses/passages he covers for convenient accessibility.

Author Bio

Ernest DeWitt Burton (1856–1925) graduated from Denison University in 1876, then from Rochester Theological Seminary in 1882. His studies also carried him to Germany at Leipzig and Berlin. Burton taught at the seminaries in Rochester and Newton before becoming head of the department of New Testament Literature and Interpretation at the University of Chicago—where he was president from 1923–1925.