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New Testament Theology: Many Witnesses, One Gospel

New Testament Theology: Many Witnesses, One Gospel

I. Howard Marshall

| IVP | 2004

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In this volume, New Testament scholar I. Howard Marshall offers a synthetic New Testament theology. The author begins with an analysis of the Gospels and Acts, and then proceeds to each of Paul’s letters. The focus is then shifted to the Johannine literature and ends at Hebrews and the remaining general epistles. Throughout, Marshall repeatedly stops to critically assess the theology presented in the texts, gradually building up a composite synthesis of the unified theological voice of the New Testament.

On the way toward this synthesis, Marshall highlights clearly the theological voices of the individual New Testament books. Thus, his New Testament theology serves also as an introduction to the New Testament books. This allows New Testament Theology to double as an attractive complement to book-by-book introductions to the New Testament.

Author Bio

I. Howard Marshall (1934– 2015) is Emeritus Professor of New Testament Exegesis and Honorary Research Professor at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland, specifically in the department of Divinity and Religious Studies. He earned his BA from Cambridge, MA, BD, and PhD University of Aberdeen, and his DD from Asbury University.

Marshall currently serves at the chair of the Tyndale Fellowship for Biblical and Theological Research and was formerly president of the British New Testament Society.  His main interests in research have been the Gospels of Luke and Acts, the Pastoral Epistles, and aspects of New Testament Theology.

He is the author of numerous publications including titles in the Tyndale Commentaries and the New International Commentary on the Old and New Testament, and the Gold Medallion Book Award winner New Testament Theology.