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NT395 Perspectives on Paul: Reformation and the New Perspective

NT395 Perspectives on Paul: Reformation and the New Perspective

Stephen J. Chester

| Lexham Press | 2016


Modern interpreters of Paul’s writings have typically assessed these texts in light of the exegetical and theological work of John Calvin, Martin Luther, and Philip Melanchthon. In the last few decades, a contrasting interpretive outlook—the “New Perspective” on Paul—has been articulated and developed by N. T. Wright and other scholars. This New Perspective, relying on a different set of assumptions regarding the Jewish context in which Paul lived and wrote, presents a different understanding of many of Paul’s core teachings. This Mobile Ed course offers a focused description of both the traditional perspective and the New Perspective, comparing them to one another and allowing students to assess Paul’s view of man, conscience, and sin. You will be led through an example text, providing you with interpretation skills that will allow you to explore the New Testament and determine the true relationship between faith and works in each text.

Author Bio

Stephen J. Chester is academic dean and professor of New Testament at North Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, the seminary of the Evangelical Covenant Church. He appreciates North Park as a context where “the life of the mind, the goal of practical ministry, and the need for a deep devotional life are held together as equal values.” Dr. Chester is from the UK and came to North Park in 2006, having previously served on the faculty of International Christian College, Glasgow. He is ordained in the Church of Scotland, and is the author of Conversion at Corinth: Perspectives on Conversion in Paul’s Theology and the Corinthian Church and one of the coauthors of Perspectives on our Struggle with Sin: Three Views of Romans 7. He has become deeply interested in the history of Pauline interpretation and is currently writing Righteousness in Christ: Paul, the Reformers, and the New Perspective (forthcoming).

Dr. Chester’s ministry commitments and experiences have largely been in urban contexts. He is married to Betsy, a kindergarten teacher, and they have two adult sons, Iain and Mark. They are members of Immanuel Evangelical Covenant Church, a multiethnic church in a diverse neighborhood. Stephen enjoys his family, watching and refereeing soccer, and pitching in Chicago softball.