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In the Shelter of Elyon: Essays on Ancient Palestinian Life and Literature in Honor of G. W. Ahlström

In the Shelter of Elyon: Essays on Ancient Palestinian Life and Literature in Honor of G. W. Ahlström

W. Boyd Barrick, John R. Spencer

| JSOT Press | 1984

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This collection of essays, articles, and studies was published in honor of G.W. Ahlström, an eminent Old Testament scholar. Divided into four sections, this volume surveys the influence of Ahlström, literature and cultural tradition, faith and cult, and history and historiography. Ahlström was a challenging scholar, and these articles testify to his influence and importance for a generation of Old Testament scholars.

Contributions to this volume include:

• “The ‘Uppsuala School’ of Biblical Studies,” by Arthur L. Merrill and John R. Spencer

• “G.W. Ahlström in Profile,” by W. Boyd Barrick

• “G.W. Ahlström: A Bibliography,” by B. Glazier-McDonald

• “Parentheses in a Snowstorm: G.W. Ahlström and the Study of Ancient Palestine,” by W. Boyd Barrick and John R. Spencer

• “Psalm 81.6a: Observations on Translation and Meaning of One Hebrew Line,” by P.A.H. de Boer

• “The Role of Elihu in the Design of the Book of Job,” by Norman C. Habel

• “The Redactional History of Isaiah 5.1–10.4,” by Conrad E. L’Heureux

• “The Semantic Parallelism of Psalm 89,” by Dennis Pardee

• “Joshua 24 and the Problem of Tradition in the Old Testament,” by J. Van Seters

• “The Shining of Moses’ Face: A Case Study in Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Iconography,” by Menahem Haran

• “The Prophets and the Covenant,” by Arvid S. Kapelrud

• “The Prophet Elijah’s Visit to Zarephath,” by Magnus Ottosson

• “Heavenly Visions in Early Judaism: Origin and Function,” by Benedikt Otzen

• “Eve and the Chameleon,” by Ake W. Sjoberg

• “Yahweh’s Gathering of the Dispersed,” by Geo Widengren

• “The Biblical Interpretation of the Reigns of Ahaz and Hezekiah,” by Peter R. Ackroyd

• “King David’s State,” by Siegfried Herrmann

• “A Reconstruction of the Social Welfare Systems of Ancient Israel,” by Stephen A. Kaufman

• “Thoughts on the Use of ‘Charisma’ in Old Testament Studies,” by Thomas W. Overholt

• “The Biographic Mode in Hebrew Historiography,” by Jack M. Sasson