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ED161 Christian Education: Foundations and Technology (Videos)

ED161 Christian Education: Foundations and Technology (Videos)

Andrew Peterson

| Lexham Press | 2018


In Christian Education: Foundations and Technology, Andrew Peterson provides a broad overview of what it takes to create and run a Christian course, program, or school. The course begins by exploring foundations such as biblical theology, motivations, and goals, and then moves on to technical aspects such as instructional design, modes of communication, and media. Dr. Peterson then discusses aspects of teaching K–12 students, with a focus on educational psychologies, teaching methods, and academic disciplines. He concludes by examining adult Christian education in the contexts of church ministry, workplace, and civil community.

Author Bio

Andrew Peterson is vice president for educational innovation and global outreach at Western Seminary and runs Digital Vistas Carolina, a national consulting practice that uses technology in the service of Christian education and the marketplace. He received his MA in educational psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, and his PhD in educational technology at the University of Pittsburgh.

During his thirty plus years of management in counseling, seminary and other education, and business, Dr. Peterson worked extensively in the areas of strategic planning, promotional marketing, educational technology, staff development, customer service, fundraising, and program evaluation. He spent seventeen years developing the online campus of Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, North Carolina, and he established a multimedia development center for undergraduate education in science and the arts at University of California, San Diego.