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CH321 History and Theology of John Calvin (Videos)

CH321 History and Theology of John Calvin (Videos)

R. Michael Allen

| Lexham Press | 2019


In History and Theology of John Calvin (CH321) Dr. Michael Allen examines the life of one of the most influential sixteenth-century Reformers. Dr. Allen looks at the cultural context of Calvin’s life, exploring the forces that shaped him and the people he learned from. He then delves into the beliefs of Calvin, looking specifically at his extensive work Institutes of the Christian Religion. You’ll come away from the course with a fuller understanding of John Calvin, what he believed, and how his theology has influenced Christian thought ever since.

Author Bio

R. Michael Allen teaches systematic (or dogmatic) theology and theological ethics as a way to train students to delight in the study of God’s mighty deeds (Psalm 111:2). He hopes that integrated study of Bible and theology will help students prepare for faithful ministry in the local church by considering our worship and witness in light of God’s Word. He is especially interested in how Christian doctrine relates to other theological disciplines: biblical theology, historical theology, and moral theology. He grew up in both the South and in South Florida as the son of a Presbyterian pastor. He is presently a candidate for ordination as a teaching elder in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

In addition to his work in the seminary, he enjoys serving in local churches: teaching classes for children and adults, preaching, and working in the nursery. Prior to joining the faculty at Knox, he taught undergraduate and graduate students at Wheaton College for two years. He has also been active in the American Academy of Religion, the Evangelical Theological Society, and the Society of Biblical Literature.