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Romans, Volume 1: Justification by Faith (Romans 1–4): An Expositional Commentary

Romans, Volume 1: Justification by Faith (Romans 1–4): An Expositional Commentary

James Montgomery Boice

| Baker | 1991

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“Christianity has been the most powerful, transforming force in human history,” says James Montgomery Boice, “and the book of Romans is the most basic, most comprehensive statement of true Christianity.”

Volume 1, Justification by Faith, discusses the full impact of justification by faith alone. Boice uses stories and hymns to present the thoughts of Paul in a poetic form and provides word studies based on the Greek text to add meaning and enrichment to Paul’s words. Chapters and verses discussed include:

• “A Reputation Worth Having” (1:8)

• “Not Ashamed” (1:16–17)

• “Lifting the Lid on Hell” (1:29–31)

• “Not Hearers Only, but Doers” (2:12–15)

• “Amazing Grace” (3:22–24)

• “The Steps of Faith” (4:12)

Author Bio

James Montgomery Boice (July 7, 1938–June 15, 2000) was a Reformed theologian and pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia from 1968 until his death. He received degrees from Harvard University, Princeton Theological Seminary, University of Basel in Switzerland and Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church.

Boice served as senior pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was president and cofounder of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, the parent organization of The Bible Study Hour radio broadcast on which Boice was a speaker for more than 30 years. He also served as chairman of the International Council of Biblical Inerrancy for over ten years.

Boice’s 27-volume Expositional Commentary set reflects his years of experience in the pulpit. He also authored Foundations of the Christian Faith which provides a readable overview of Christian theology.



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