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Joseph had such a varied life, yet in every situation he shows us how to live uprightly and faithfully for God. This great patriarch of character stands nearly alone in Scripture in his excellent conduct, for few men in the Scripture give such a great example of godly living as Joseph does. Butler examines Joseph's life and character in the following chapters:

• Joseph the Son

• Joseph the Slave

• Joseph the Scandal

• Joseph the Seer

• Joseph the Statesman

• Joseph the Stranger

• Joseph the Shepherd

• Joseph the Superior

• Joseph the Saint

• Joseph the Savior

Author Bio

John Butler has been in the Baptist ministry for over fifty years. He attended both Tennessee Temple University and Cedarville University. Originally from Iowa, Butler served as a pastor for over 35 years with congregations in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Iowa. He is a veteran of the United States Army.

Butler authored several series including the Bible Biography Series, the Study of the Savior series, Butler’s Daily Bible Reading set, and the Analytical Bible Expositor series.