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The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament (TDNT) is one of the few agreed upon standard reference works in the area of New Testament studies. The depth and breadth of the information contained within the pages of the ten-volume print edition are well worth the cost, weight, and shelf space that they require.

This electronic edition has several enhancements that make TDNT more usable than it has ever been before. While the ten-volume print edition has been useful mainly to scholars of classical and New Testament Greek, this electronic version offers many enhancements that increase usability for both the scholar and the astute Bible student.

The Theological Dictionary of the New Testament becomes even more usable when it is digitized. It allows students, pastors, and laypersons alike the opportunity to significantly increase their knowledge of New Testament Greek and allow this newfound linguistic knowledge to play a role in their study, teaching, and application of the New Testament message.

Author Bio

Gerhard Kittel (September 23, 1888–July 11, 1948) was a German Protestant theologian and ardent anti-Semite . He was a son of Rudolf Kittel. He married Hanna Untermeier in 1914, but there were no children from the union. In May 1933 he became a member of the Nazi Party.