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Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 52a: Revelation 1–5

Word Biblical Commentary, Volume 52a: Revelation 1–5

David E. Aune

| Thomas Nelson | 1998

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An advocate of source criticism and an expert in early Christian prophecy, David Aune examines the full range of secular and biblical literature in search of possible sources for the striking literary devices in Revelation—over three volumes and more than 1,500 pages. His mastery of an incredibly broad range of ancient writings enables him to compare every pericope of Revelation to the literary traditions of the ages that preceded its writing, and thus to evaluate the possible sources for the forms John employed to write his vision. Aune’s detailed introductory comments scrutinize the entire expanse of this mysterious book, providing a monumental treatment of Revelation’s textual history. He provides an expanded outline of all twenty-two chapters and focuses on the implications for the book of Revelation in such matters as:

• the use of chronological eschatological visions

• the recurring sets of sevens

• the paired angelic revelations beginning in 17:1 and 21:9

• the scenes in the heavenly throne room with their hymns

• possible connections between the scrolls in chapters 5 and 10