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Bible Study Magazine—March–April 2011 Issue

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Get the March-April 2011 Back Issue of Bible Study Magazine for $3.95. That’s 20% off the newsstand price of $4.95!

Bible Study Magazine is a brand new print magazine (not an e-magazine) published by Lexham Press. Six times a year, Bible Study Magazine delivers tools and methods for Bible study, as well as insights from respected teachers, professors, historians, and archeologists.

Read pastor profiles, author interviews, and stories of individuals whose thoughtful engagement with Scripture has shaped their thinking and defined their ministries. Bible Study Magazine reveals the impact of God’s Word on their lives and the power of Scripture in yours.

We have a limited supply of back issues for the March-April 2011 issue of Bible Study Magazine. Get your copy while you still can!

  • William Varner walks us through 2 John 8–11
  • Meet Jeff Ryan—Chaplain for the NBA Orlando Magic
  • Will help you dig deeper into Bible study
  • Feature Stories
    Discover new ways to connect the Bible with your ministry and life through reading great interviews with and articles from the biggest names in the church and biblical scholarship.
  • Bible Study Tips
    Thoughtful and engaging authors tackle the tough passages in Scripture, explain difficult concepts, and confront complex interpretations in a way that helps God’s Word make sense to your life.
  • On the Cutting Edge
    Keep up-to-date on the latest news in biblical research, including archaeological and historical findings.
  • A New Kind of Bible Study
    Encounter God by yourself or with other believers with an ongoing Bible study in each issue.
  • On Teaching
    Get advice on how to preach or teach the Bible in any setting from well-known pastors and teachers who use the Bible every day.
  • Tool Box
    Learn how to effectively use the latest Bible study tools with our how-to guides.
  • In the News
    Keep informed about the latest news in biblically-related topics, discoveries, and events.
  • Thoughts from the Ancients
    Read the Bible along with those who have come before you, and learn from the wisdom of the early church—in their own words.
  • Word Studies
    Get a close-up view of the Bible! Each issue contains insights about specific words found in the Bible, and tutorials on how to do word studies.
  • If Only Someone Would Explain It to Me
    Enrich your understanding of the Bible with explanations of biblical and theological concepts by top scholars.
  • Did You Know?
    Discover interesting facts about the Bible in the contemporary and ancient world.
  • What They Don’t Tell You in Church
    See things you never noticed in biblical passages you have read dozens of times.
  • Biblical Humor
    The funniest stories and the best comics related to the Bible, useful for any setting.
  • Book Reviews
    Stay on top of the latest books about Bible study. Each issue contains reviews of the books and commentaries to equip you in your study of God’s Word.

Excerpts from the March-April 2011 Issue!

Max Lucado on What's Taught and What's Caught

"When we announced that we would spend nine months going through the whole Bible... people were thrilled. Our attendance went up 17 percent and baptisms 28 percent! What that told me is that people are hungry to be given the tools of how to understand the Bible."

Church Courtside: Meet Jeff Ryan—Chaplain for the NBA Orlando Magic

As chaplain for the NBA Orlando Magic, Jeff Ryan makes the Bible relevant to a community of athletes. Since most of the players don't have the opportunity to attend church, Ryan is their pastor. The arena is their church.

"I say to the guys 'You had to work hard to sit in this room right now—an NBA locker room. You had to put time in. You had to sacrifice. You had to suffer a little bit because you had a goal, and you were going to get here.' And then I say, 'Why don't we do that in our spiritual faith?'"

Hospitality or Heresy?

William Varner, professor of biblical studies at The Master's College and pastor of Sojourners Fellowship at Grace Community Church, walks us through 2 John 8–11. Varner explains the historical context of this passage and what it means for church leaders and those that witness today.

  • Title: Bible Study Magazine—March-April 2011 Issue
  • Editor-in-Chief: John D. Barry
  • Academic Editor: Michael S. Heiser
  • Art Director: Sean Fields
  • Graphic Designer: Sarah Knepper
  • Managing Editor: Rebecca Kruyswijk
  • Advertising Sales: Santiago Galeano
  • Senior Writer: Karen Jones
  • Columnists: Rick Brannan, Johnny Cisneros, and Eli T. Evans
  • Marketing: Dan Pritchett, Phil Gons, Scott Lindsey, Adam Navarrete
  • Publisher: Lexham Press


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