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Israelite Religion and Biblical Theology: Collected Essays

ISBN: 9781841271422


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This is a formidable collection of previously published essays by this distinguished Old Testament scholar. Three significant areas of biblical studies have been a focus of the author's attention throughout his career: the Bible in its ancient Near Eastern world, the Psalms, and Old Testament theology. In Part 1, epigraphic discoveries are examined for the light they shed on biblical texts. In Part 2, special attention is given to the theological significance of reading the Psalms as a collection. In Part 3, a wide range of theological issues—creation, covenant, prayer, cosmology, canon, and especially the nature and character of God—are taken up in various essays that suggest how biblical theology can contribute to the larger theological enterprise.


Essays included in this volume:

  • “Israelite Religion”
  • “Wellhausen and the History of Israel’s Religion”
  • “Psalms and Inscriptions”
  • “The Theological Significance of Biblical Poetry”
  • “Meter, Parallelism, and Tropes: The Search for Poetic Style”
  • “Poetic Ambiguity and Balance in Psalm 15”
  • “The Beginning of the Psalter”
  • “Kingship, Torah Obedience, and Prayer: The Theology of Psalms 15–24”
  • “Psalm 73 as a Canonical Marker”
  • “The End of the Psalter: A Response to Erich Zenger”
  • “Deuteronomy and the Psalms: Evoking a Biblical Conversation”
  • “Prayer as Persuasion: The Rhetoric and Intention of Prayer”
  • “Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Psalms”
  • “God the Warrior: A Problem in Biblical Interpretation and Apologetics”
  • “God and the Gods: History of Religion as an Approach and Context for Bible and Theology”
  • “The Divine Council and the Prophetic Call to War”
  • “The Sovereignty of God”
  • “Cosmology and World Order in the Old Testament: The Divine Council as a Cosmic-Political Symbol”
  • “Prayer and Divine Action”
  • “Creation and Covenant”
  • “Syntax and Theology in Genesis 12.3a
  • “The World and Message of the Prophets: Biblical Prophecy in its Context”
  • “The Prophetic Critique of Kings”
  • “The Wilderness Journey in Deuteronomy: Style, Structure, and Theology in Deuteronomy 1–3”
  • “God’s Other Stories: On the Margins of Deuteronomic Theology”
  • “The Canon in Contemporary American Discussion”
  • “Faith and Ideology in the Old Testament”
  • “The Old Testament and Christian Faith”
  • “Toward a Theology of Leadership: Some Clues from the Prophets”
  • “Judgment and Joy”
  • Many more!
  • Title: Israelite Religion and Biblical Theology: Collected Essays
  • Author: Patrick D. Miller
  • Publisher: Sheffield Academic
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Pages: 720

Charles T. Haley Professor of Old Testament Theology Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary.


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    The sample pages are useless Somebody needs to look at them. I put this on my wish list. Maybe there will be a really good deal sometime in the future. I might gamble on the book if the price is right.

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Digital list price: $49.99
Save $13.00 (26%)