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Secure and Sure: Grasping the Promises of God

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Do you know with certainty that you are eternally secure? Are you sure that you will spend eternity in the kingdom of God no matter you might do or fail to do in the future? Is fear of hell a thing of the past for you? This book is directed toward those who are sure that they are eternally secure and toward those who are not. The former group will benefit by learning how to avoid losing assurance, how to answer objections, and how to disciple others on this key point. The latter group will profit by gaining the most important possession of all: certainty of their eternal destiny. Then once they gain that wonderful knowledge, they too can learn how to share this message with others.

As Bob nimbly moves from one question to the next, his experience in evangelism and exposition of Scripture shows in his treatment of one passage after another. As a reader, I was intrigued with his clear and forthright treatments. For those struggling with uncertainty of salvation, this book is strongly recommended.

—Elliott Johnson, Senior Professor of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary

It is with much enthusiasm that I endorse this outstanding book on assurance. I have always applauded the ministry of Grace Evangelical Society for their heartbeat—presenting a clear presentation of the Gospel. The redemption of that book place at Calvary when believed gives us that precious assurance of heaven.

—Art Rorheim, co-founder, president emeritus, AWANA Clubs International

  • Title: Secure and Sure: Grasping the Promises of God
  • Author: Robert N. Wilkin
  • Publisher: Grace Evangelical Society
  • Publication Date: 2005
  • Pages: 252
Robert Wilkin

Dr. Bob Wilkin received his ThM and PhD from Dallas Theological Seminary. He has served as a campus evangelist with Campus Crusade for Christ, a hospital chaplain, a pastor, and a Bible college professor, and he is the founder and executive director of the parachurch organization Grace Evangelical Society (

Dr. Wilkin has written seven books covering assurance of salvation, eternal rewards, key words in the Bible, final judgment, difficult New Testament texts, clarity in evangelism, and Calvinism. He is the editor of and a contributor to The Grace New Testament Commentary and he has written hundreds of magazine and journal articles. Bob regularly speaks across the country and occasionally speaks overseas.


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  1. Dan Garland

    Dan Garland


    A must-have resource!

  2. Nick Torres

    Nick Torres


Enjoy May's Monthly Sale


Digital list price: $8.99
Regular price: $6.99
Save $2.10 (30%)