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Crossway Classic Commentaries: Isaiah

Format: Digital
, 2000
ISBN: 9781581341560


Rich imagery and glimpses of God’s character abound in the book of Isaiah. Even as the prophet cried out against Judah’s empty idolatry and warned of the judgment they would receive, he stressed God’s holiness, patience, and mercy. Redemption is Isaiah’s central theme, evidenced in his declarations about Judah’s temporal need for salvation—and every person’s eternal need. Consequently Isaiah, more than any other prophet, foretold the coming of the Messiah and all that would follow. John Calvin delights to point out the numerous passages that were fulfilled during Christ’s earthly ministry, and with anticipation, he expounds upon those which are yet to be realized. Accordingly, he explains Isaiah’s emphasis on God’s attributes and the prophet’s message that salvation is God’s chief work. The lessons in Isaiah are powerful and, with Calvin’s insightful commentary, are sure to inspire every believer.

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  • Title: Crossway Classic Commentaries: Isaiah
  • Author: John Calvin
  • Publisher: Crossway Books
  • Publication Date: 2000
  • Pages: 400

About John Calvin

John Calvin (1509–1564) was perhaps the Reformation’s most influential Bible teacher. He had a powerful influence on many Christian leaders, including John Knox, John Bunyan, Charles Spurgeon, William Carey, George Whitefield, and Jonathan Edwards. Known best for his Institutes of the Christian Religion, Calvin also wrote landmark expositions on most of the books of the Bible. In addition to Calvin’s commentary on Genesis in this collection, Logos also offers Calvin’s 500 Collection (108 volumes) and the Institutes of the Christian Religion.

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