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Acts: The Crossway Classic Commentaries

, 1995


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For hundreds of years Christendom has been blessed with Bible commentaries written by great men of God who were highly respected for their godly walk and their insight into spiritual truth. The Crossway Classic Commentary Series, carefully adapted for maximum understanding and usefulness, presents the very best work on individual Bible books for today's believers. The book of Acts provides an invaluable transition in the Bible from the life of Christ to the formation and expansion of the New Testament church, early struggles in the Body of Christ, and the conversion and later missionary journeys of Paul, making for enlightening and nurturing reading for all followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. John Calvin's insightful examination of this action-packed, fast-paced section of Scripture will give serious Bible students a solid grip on the key passages and themes of Acts. And that in turn will give believers renewed enthusiasm and boldness in taking the good news of Christ to their own time and setting.

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  • Title: Acts: Crossway Classic Commentaries
  • Author: John Calvin
  • Series: Crossway Classic Commentaries
  • Publisher: Crossway
  • Print Publication Date: 1995
  • Logos Release Date: 2001
  • Era: era:reformation
  • Language: English
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John Calvin

John Calvin (1509–1564), one of the most important thinkers in church history, was a prominent French theologian during the Protestant Reformation and the father of Calvinism. His theological works, biblical commentaries, tracts, treatises, sermons, and letters helped establish the Reformation throughout Europe.

Calvinism has spawned movements and sparked controversy throughout the centuries. Calvin began his work in the church at the age of 12, intending to train for the priesthood. Calvin attended the Collège de la Marche in Paris at 14, before studying law at the University of Orléans and continuing his studies at the University of Bourges.

In 1532, Calvin’s first published work appeared: a commentary on Seneca’s De Clementia. The controversy of calling for reform in the Catholic Church disciplined Calvin in his writing project, and he began working on the first edition of The Institutes of the Christian Religion, which appeared in 1536. Calvin’s Commentaries and The Letters of John Calvin are also influential; both appear in the Calvin 500 Collection.


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  1. Robert Luff

    Robert Luff


    How does this compare to the edition edited by Beveridge? I'm currently using that version, but the English is archaic, because it is based on a translation from the 16th century. This makes it much harder to read than all his other commentaries, which were translated much later. So I ask, is this Crossway version more readable, and is it abridged at all?

  2. James Williams

    James Williams



  3. Dean Britton

    Dean Britton


  4. Simba Musvamhiri
    A basic commentary by Calvin edited by dearly loved and trusted scholars.

  5. Jim Wait

    Jim Wait




Digital list price: $14.99
Save $3.00 (20%)