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Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the Greek New Testament


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Textual criticism has been a trusted method in studying the Scripture for decades, providing invaluable context and a sense of continuity. A landmark work on textual criticism since its publication in the early twentieth-century, Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the Greek New Testament is essential for students of the New Testament. Eberhard Nestle, a premier German philologist and Biblical scholar, brings his considerable knowledge to bear on this method of study and its illumination of Scripture. In this study, Nestle outlines the history of the printed text, the materials used, and a summary of the technique and application of textual criticism. He includes study helps such as notes, appendixes, and indexes.

This introduction to textual criticism is perfect for students of the New Testament, professors, pastors, and anyone wanting to study how the New Testament came into being. With the Logos edition, all your New Testament resources are linked and easily searchable for study.

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  • Landmark work on textual criticism
  • Detailed introduction and application to methods
  • Includes table of contents and appendices
The work of Dr. Nestle, while scholarly and accurate, is in popular form [. . .] there was a demand for a work of the kind on the part not only of professional students but also of intelligent readers of the New Testament.

The London Quarterly Review, Vol. 95, 1901

  • Title: Introduction to the Textual Criticism of the Greek New Testament
  • Author: Eberhard Nestle
  • Editor: Allen Menzies
  • Translator: William Edie
  • Publisher: Williams & Norgate
  • Publication Date: 1901
  • Pages: xxviii, 1,280

Eberhard Nestle was born in Germany in 1851. He was a Biblical scholar, specializing in textual criticism. He is best known for his edition of a Greek New Testament, the Nestle-Aland 27th Edition Greek New Testament (Morphological Edition). Nestle also published a Syriac grammar, which is included in Biblical Languages: Reference Grammars and Introductions (19 Vols.). He died in 1913.


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Digital list price: $12.49
Save $2.50 (20%)