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Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches about the Unseen World—And Why It Matters


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Uncover the Supernatural in the Bible

Who were the sons of God? Who were the Nephilim? Where do angels fit into the supernatural hierarchy? Why did God find it necessary to have the Israelites destroy the populations of entire cities man, woman, and child? What relation does Jesus bear to the rest of the supernatural world?

In Supernatural, Michael Heiser, tackles these questions and many more, based on his fifteen years of research into what the Bible really says about the unseen world. Heiser shines a light on the supernatural world—not a new light, but rather the same light the original, ancient readers and writers of Scripture would have seen it in.

You may never read the Bible the same way again.

Michael Heiser shows how important it is to understand this world and appreciate how its contribution helps to make sense of Scripture.

—Darrell L. Bock, Executive Director for Cultural Engagement, Howard G. Hendricks Center for Christian Leadership and Cultural Engagement, Senior Research Professor of New Testament Studies

  • Believing the Bible
  • The Unseen Realm: God and the Gods
  • Once and Future Kings
  • Divine Rebellions
  • Cosmic Geography
  • The Word, the Name, and the Angel
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Sacred Space
  • Holy War
  • Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Supernatural Intent
  • The Cloud Rider
  • The Great Reversal
  • Not of This World
  • Partakers of the Divine Nature
  • Ruling over Angels

Included with the Logos Edition

Take your study even further with Supernatural: A Study Guide by Ronn Johnson. This study guide is perfect for personal devotion or small group study. Reflection questions guide you through the book as you explore the supernatural worldview of the biblical writers. Your progress will sync across all Logos platforms—desktop, tablet and mobile apps—so you can take your notes with you.

Supernatural: A Study Guide is included with the Logos edition of this resource. The study guide is not included with the print edition of Supernatural.

  • Title: Supernatural: What the Bible Teaches about the Unseen World—And Why It Matters
  • Author: Michael S. Heiser
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • Pages: 176
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781577995586

Michael S. Heiser is the academic editor for Logos Bible Software, Bible Study Magazine, and Faithlife Study Bible. He is the coeditor of Old Testament Greek Pseudepigrapha with Morphology and Semitic Inscriptions: Analyzed Texts and English Translations.. He earned his PhD in Hebrew Bible and Semitic languages and holds and MA in ancient history and Hebrew studies. In addition, he was named the 2007 Pacific Northwest Regional Scholar by the Society of Biblical Literature.


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  1. Eric Rivera

    Eric Rivera


  2. Evan Patterson
  3. Ivy M.

    Ivy M.


  4. Robert Eby

    Robert Eby


    Since I watched a youtube video Mr Heiser did with Frank Turek, I have purchased the kindle ebook of Unseen realm, the bible unfiltered, supernatural, then went and purchased the audio of Unseen realm, angels and supernatural. The material is so easy to listen to and explains and backs up the info so well. I then purchased a silver package from Logos and purchased Mr. Heiser's Logos editon books; demons, angels, Reversing Hermon, and Unseen realm. I'm taking a year to dig into his material fully to understand the bible from his unique point of view. Well supported material, easy to read and understand. Very enjoyable material. It has changed the way I understand the Bible..for the better.

  5. John Merriel

    John Merriel


  6. Jason van Wyk

    Jason van Wyk


    This is a must for any one seeking a good biblical theology overview and supernatural worldview

  7. Jerilyn Hebert
    I just finished reading this title, and it was the first book I fully completed reading in less than one day. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It was very interesting and taught me many of new things about the supernatural and unseen world that I did not previously know. Using Logos bible software for the first time made this very useful for me while jotting my thoughts in the notes section and highlighting important key thoughts. If you are considering making this purchase to your Logos library I give you a thumbs up! Very well written!

  8. Kevin Dobson

    Kevin Dobson


  9. Stevan Atkins

    Stevan Atkins


  10. Steve Grady

    Steve Grady




Collection value: $24.98
Save $12.99 (52%)