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Mobile Ed: Discourse Analysis Bundle (2 courses)

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A practical approach to discourse analysis designed for preachers

Dr. Steve Runge has been invited to present his cutting-edge research at seminaries and colleges across North America and the UK. His approach offers students a unique opportunity to see the amazing payoff Greek grammar can have for expository teaching and preaching. However, because of the declining availability of Greek courses, there are almost no other full-length courses like this devoted to discourse grammar.

“Courses like this are simply not available,” says Dr. Runge. “I’d like to change that, and I’m starting with Mobile Ed.”

In these courses, Dr. Runge explains linguistic devices—the building blocks of discourse analysis—and how understanding these devices can help us better understand the New Testament writers’ intentions. You’ll learn how to recognize these devices in the text, what they contribute to your exegesis, and how they can sharpen your exposition of the text. You’ll then put these methods into practice with Dr. Runge’s help as he guides you through Philippians.

These Mobile Ed courses are also connected to your Logos library. Each course is transcribed and becomes a searchable Logos resource connected to grammars, reverse interlinears, and additional resources created by Dr. Runge. Read along in the transcripts as you watch the lectures and jump to his recommended readings with a click. Video tutorials show you how to use the advanced language tools in Logos Bible Software and quizzes and exams help you track your progress.

Resource Experts

Dr. Runge spent more than a decade looking for a better way of describing and applying Greek in ministry. He has turned his years of research into a suite of discourse-based resources that work together with these courses to help you understand the discourse devices, locate them in the text, and use them for exegesis.

Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament is the companion textbook to LA211 and provides a more detailed and thorough background to the concepts applied in the course.

In the Lexham Discourse Greek New Testament Dr. Runge labels every occurrence of significant discourse devices in the entire New Testament. This not only saves you hours of work, it allows you to focus on confidently interpreting the text using the methods described in these courses. This is the text from which he teaches in the courses.

Dr. Runge also is developing the High Definition Commentary series, which combines his discourse-based insights with custom-designed infographics to use in your teaching.

While the Mobile Ed courses provide an excellent learning experience on their own, these additional resources are recommended for you to get the most out of your learning and to save you time in your future study of the Greek New Testament.

For the best deal, order them as a bundle.

  • Title: Discourse Analysis Bundle
  • Instructors: Steven E. Runge
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Product Type: Logos Mobile Education
  • Resource Type: Courseware, including transcripts, audio, and video resources
  • Courses: 2
  • Video Hours: 14
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Dr. Steven E. Runge serves as a scholar-in-residence at Faithlife and as a research associate in the Department of Ancient Studies at the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa. He has a doctor of literature degree in biblical languages from the University of Stellenbosch. In preparation for his doctoral research, Dr. Runge completed several years of study in the linguistic fields of pragmatics and discourse grammar.

Dr. Runge has served as a visiting professor teaching Greek discourse grammar at Knox Theological Seminary; Dallas Theological Seminary; Wycliffe Hall, Oxford; Wales Evangelical School of Theology; and Southern Seminary. He also served as an adjunct faculty member at Northwest Baptist Theological College, Trinity Western University, and Associated Canadian Theological Schools (ACTS) while completing his education. He is also very active in the church. He and his wife have two daughters and live in Bellingham, WA.


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  1. Ronnie Boone

    Ronnie Boone


    Same question that was posted by Efrem - how would this course benefit me since I have never taken a Greek course before?
  2. Efrem Evans

    Efrem Evans


    What if you never taking a course in Greek studies, how would this course be beneficial?
  3. Andrew Felts

    Andrew Felts


    Is there any plan to make a similar course available for Old Testament, Biblical Hebrew Discourse Analysis?


Collection value: $769.98
Save $309.99 (40%)
Starting at $38.84/mo at checkout