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The Bible and the Ancient Near East: Essays in Honor of William Foxwell Albright

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ISBN: 093146403


The work of William Foxwell Albright has been an exceptional, often controversial stimulant for Near Eastern scholars. The purpose of The Bible and the Ancient Near East is to describe the course taken by research in Near Eastern study in light of Albright’s influence, and to identify the progress that has been made and the problems which still demand solutions. This volume includes 14 essays (including one from Albright) and a complete bibliography of Albright’s works.

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  • Forward
  • 1. "Modern Study of Old Testament Literature", John Bright, Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, VA
  • 2. "Biblical History in Transition", George E. Mendenhall, University of Michigan
  • 3. "The Hebrew Language in Its Northwest Semitic Background", William J. Moran, S.J., Pontifical Biblical Institute
  • 4. "The Archaeology of Palestine", G. Ernest Wright, Harvard University
  • 5. "The Textual Criticism of the Old Testament", Harry M. Orlinsky, Hebrew Union College — Jewish Institute of Religion
  • 6. "The Development of the Jewish Scripts", Frank M. Cross, Jr., Harvard University
  • 7. "The Chronology of Israel and the Ancient Near East"
    • A. "Old Testament Chronology", David Noel Freedman, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
    • B. "The Ancient Near East: Chronological Bibliography and Charts", Edward F. Campbell, Jr., McCormick Theological Seminary
  • 8. "South Arabian History and Archaeology", Gus W. Van Beek, Smithsonian Institution
  • 9. "Sumerian Literature, A General Survey", Samuel Noah Kramer, University of Pennsylvania
  • 10. "Formative Tendencies in Sumerian Religion", Thorkild Jacobsen, University of Chicago
  • 11. "Egypt: Its Language and Literature", Thomas O. Lambdin, Harvard University
  • 12. "Egyptian Culture and Religion", John A. Wilson, University of Chicago
  • 13. "Hittite and Anatolian Studies", Albrecht Goetze, Yale University
  • Appendix I: The Role of the Canaanites in the History of Civilization W.F. Albright
  • Appendix II: Bibliography of W. F. Albright
  • Title: The Bible and the Ancient Near East: Essays in Honor of William Foxwell Albright
  • Author: George Ernest Wright
  • Publisher: Eisenbrauns
  • Print Publication Date: 1979
  • Logos Release Date: 2014
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  • Language: English
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  • Subjects: Bible. O.T. › Criticism, interpretation, etc; Middle East › History; Religions › History; Albright, William Foxwell, 1891-1971
  • ISBNs: 093146403, 9781575061887
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G. Ernest Wright is the author of numerous works on archaeology, including Biblical Archaeology and The Westminster Historical Atlas. He was also the founding editor of the journal Biblical Archeologist. He died in 1974.