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Paul’s fiercely passionate letter to the Galatians offers a rare glimpse into the early history of the emerging Christ-believing movement. Paul is seething with righteous indignation over the events at Galatia even as he conveys his hope that the Galatians might be coaxed back to the true gospel.

The Galatians’ young faith was grappling with issues that would prove to be a watershed. Do gentile Christians need to adopt Moses’ Law and be circumcised as Jews in order to worship the God of the Jewish Savior? Or does Baptism incorporate every manner of person—without distinction—into Christ? Does faith alone suffice for salvation? Across the divide of 2,000 years of time and cultural space, the letter to the Galatians is an authoritative witness to the Catholic Gospel of salvation by grace alone, for all people alike.

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  • Affirms inerrancy and authority of Scripture
  • Includes lengthy introductory material concerning structure, chronology and occasion of the epistle
  • Helpful excurses on textual and historical issues
  • The Necessity of a Critical Methodology for Mirror-Reading
  • The Galatians and the Rivals as Reconstructed from the Letter
  • A Return to Paganism?
  • Partial or Comprehensive Law Observance
  • The Rivals’ Use of Scripture and Paul’s Response
  • The Rivals as Christ-Believing Jews
  • Naming the Rivals at Galatia
  • The Attraction of the Rivals’ Message
  • Paul’s Apocalyptic Message and Its Reception
  • Galatia
  • Northern, Ethnic Galatians as the Addressees
  • Southern, Provincial Galatians as the Addressees
  • Concluding Reflections
  • Modern Approaches: John Knox’s Chronology as a Case Study
  • Critique of Knox’s Approach
  • An Acts 15/Galatians 2:1-10 Conference Visit Equation?
  • The Dating of Paul’s Letter to the Galatians on the Basis of Acts
  • The Species of Rhetoric and the Letter’s Arrangement
  • Rhetorical Theory versus Epistolary Theory
  • The non-Application of Rhetorical Theory to Letters
  • Paul’s Level of Training in Rhetoric
  • Epistolary Theory
  • Concluding Reflections
  • Epistolary Prescript
  • Paul’s Apocalyptic Worldview
  • “Christ”: Messianic Title or Proper Name? A Third Option?
  • The One Gospel and Its Servant
  • The Divine Gospel and an Autobiography of Reversal
  • Call or Conversion?
  • Modern Perspectives on Conversion
  • The Extent of Paul’s Arabian Ministry
  • The Jerusalem Conference
  • The Conflict at the Meal in Antioch
  • The Issue at Antioch
  • What Was at Stake at Antioch (and at Galatia)
  • The Spirit, the Abrahamic Blessing, and the Law’s Curse
  • An Inheritance in Christ and Not the Law
  • Covenant in Galatians 3:15-18 in Biblical Perspective
  • Potential Allusions in Galatians 3:19 to Leviticus 26:46 and Exodus 34:29
  • “Added” in Galatians 3:19: The Second Giving of the Law at Baal-Peor?
  • No Longer Slaves but Sons!
  • The Metaphorical and Social Context of Galatians 4:1-7
  • The Elements of the Cosmos
  • Paul’s “Pathos”
  • A Tale of Two Birthing Movements
  • Stand Firm in Freedom
  • Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
  • The Spirit versus the Flesh
  • Flesh versus Spirit: Sharpening the Contrast
  • Sowing and Reaping from the Spirit
  • Epistolary Closing: The Cross versus Circumcision
Andrew Das takes us systematically through each of the questions that scholars debate about this letter, which was born in controversy and which has been a focal point of controversy ever since. By the abundance of information he offers, clearly organized for our comprehension, he challenges us to join in the task of reconstructing that ancient controversy, and thus in the labor to understand what the text may, even now, mean.

—Wayne A. Meeks, Woolsey Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies, Yale University

Massively researched with careful and clear exposition of the text and key critical issues: this will be an invaluable resource for all those grappling with Paul’s presentation of his gospel in Galatians.

Christopher Tuckett, emeritus professor of New Testament studies, University of Oxford, England

  • Title: Galatians
  • Author: A. Andrew Das
  • Series: Concordia Commentary
  • Publisher: Concordia
  • Print Publication Date: 2014
  • Logos Release Date: 2015
  • Pages: 808
  • Era: era:contemporary
  • Language: English
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  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subject: Bible. N.T. Galatians › Commentaries
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  • Resource Type: Bible Commentary
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A. Andrew Das is the Niebuhr Distinguished Chair and professor of religious studies at Elmhurst College in Illinois. He is the author of several books, including Paul, the Law, and the Covenant.


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