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Judaism and Christianity (3 vols.)


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The relationship between Judaism and Christianity is complex. In this collection, learn how Christianity emerged from Judaism, and how each religion intersected and departed from the other. Examine the role of law in each faith, and discover the ways Pharisaism interacted with non-Jewish cultures.

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Key Features

  • Examines the relationship between early Christianity and first-century Judaism
  • Provides analysis of the function of law in Christianity and Judaism
  • Examines how Pharasaism interacted with non-Jewish cultures

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Individual Titles

Judaism and Christianity, vol. 1: The Age of Transition

  • Editor: W.O.E. Oesterley
  • Publisher: Sheldon Press
  • Publication Date: 1937
  • Pages: 304

Examine Christianity in its nascent form as it began to develop into an independent movement and spread across the Roman Empire. Study its emergence from the apostolic generation, how its theology developed, and how Christians went from an ostracized sect to a respected social influence.

W.O.E. Oesterley (1866–1950) was professor of Old Testament at King’s College, London.

Judaism and Christianity, vol. 2: The Contact of Pharasaism with other Cultures

  • Editor: H. Loewe
  • Publisher: Sheldon Press
  • Publication Date: 1938
  • Pages: 371

Often regarded as an exclusive and legalistic expression of Second Temple Judaism, Pharisees had extensive contact with non-Jewish cultures—especially Hellenized Rome. In this second volume, examine how the Pharisees interacted with other cultures, how they reacted, and the unexpected ways in which outsiders influenced Pharisee culture.

H. Loewe (1869–1951) was the curator of Oriental Literature and reader in rabbinic theology at Cambridge University.

Judaism and Christianity, vol. 3: Law and Religion

  • Editor: Erwin I.J. Rosenthal
  • Publisher: Sheldon Press
  • Publication Date: 1938
  • Pages: 248

Learn the nuances, function, and understanding of law in first-century Judaism and early Christianity. A perennial question for modern biblical interpreters, the purpose of the law was also a major issue between Jews and Christians in the ancient world.

Erwin I.J. Rosenthal (1904–1991) was reader in Oriental Studies at the University of Cambridge. He is the author of Political Thought in Medieval Islam and editor of Averroes’ Commentary on Plato’s Republic.

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  1. Eugene Oleson
  2. Humval de Souza

  3. Burton Everist
    "...learn how Christianity emerged from Judaism, and how each religion intersected and departed from the other." Isn't it better to conceptualize both Judaism and Christianity arising out of the same ancient faith in the years following the destruction of the temple following the revolt against Rome? This has consequences for our interpretation of Paul's yearnings for his kindred, of the conflicts in the Book of the Acts of the Apostles, of the Gospels and in particular of John's intricate images of "the Jews."

  4. AeliusCicero



  5. Doug



  6. Roberto L. Galvão
  7. G. Jorge Medina
    Volume 2 above has a misspelled word in the title.


Collection value: $29.97
Save $2.98 (9%)