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VIDEO-ONLY: CO111 Gospel-Centered Counseling (DVD)

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This DVD edition only includes Elyse Fitzpatrick’s video lectures. For fully searchable, tagged video transcripts, integration into your Logos library, and connection to the Faithlife community for this course, purchase the full Mobile Ed course.

Focus your counseling practices on the power and truth of the gospel with guidance from veteran counselor and author Elyse Fitzpatrick. This in-depth video course was designed by Elyse Fitzpatrick and Logos Mobile Education to deliver seminary-level lectures in concise, digestible segments. Watch from any DVD player, at home or on the go.

Enjoy top-tier scholarship and instruction—normally only found in seminary classrooms—in your home or church. Incorporate lectures on God’s love and Christ’s redemptive work on the cross into your small group lessons. Share Fitzpatrick’s case scriptural studies with ministry leaders during training. Rejuvenate your outlook on pastoral care with a biblical-counseling expert as your guide. With 70 short lessons on DVD, you can revisit or share specific portions of this powerful course.

  • Lectures in convenient DVD format without the classroom distraction
  • Over six hours of video broken into short lessons
  • Introduction to biblical counseling focused on Christ’s redemptive work on the cross


  • Introducing the Speaker and the Course

Unit 1: What Do You See?

  • How Do I Imitate God?
  • Using Thematic Outlines to Preach or Teach a Passage
  • New Testament Indicatives
  • Locating All the Imperative Forms in Ephesians 4
  • Beloved Child or Begrudging Slave
  • Discovering Biblical References for the Term “Beloved”
  • Becoming a Beloved Child
  • When the Gospel Is Forgotten
  • A Case Study: Madeline

Unit 2: Seeing Your Savior

  • How Do I See Christ?
  • The Gospel in Counseling
  • Means of Grace: Hearing the Gospel Preached
  • Preaching for Transformation
  • Creating a Custom Collection of Counseling Resources
  • Means of Grace: Studying Scripture
  • Means of Grace: The Sacrament of Baptism
  • Means of Grace: The Sacrament of the Lordʼs Supper
  • Means of Grace: Fellowship
  • Fellowship: Speaking the Truth in Love
  • Fellowship: Riches in Jars of Clay
  • Finding New Testament References to Loving One Another
  • The Hope of Transformation
  • Jesus Models Transformational Life
  • The Light of Christ Increases

Unit 3: God’s Immeasurable Love

  • What Is the Nature of God’s Love?
  • Finding Verses that Speak about God’s Love
  • Lovelessness: The Root of Disobedience
  • Love: The Root of Obedience
  • The Nature of God’s Love
  • Finding References to God’s Steadfast Love in the Psalms
  • The Hope of God’s Love
  • The Delight of God’s Love
  • The Power of God’s Love
  • A Case Study: Doug

Unit 4: God’s Love and Our Hearts

  • Who Are the Happy and Sad Moralists?
  • The Happy Moralist: Before Jesus
  • Conducting a Character Study on the Pharisees with the Bible Facts Tool
  • The Happy Moralist: Humbled by the Law
  • The Happy Moralist: The Prescription
  • The Sad Moralist: Before the Cross
  • The Sad Moralist: Submission to Grace
  • The Sad Moralist: The Prescription
  • Receiving the Love of God: The Gospel-Centered Christian
  • A Case Study: Jeannie

Unit 5: Gospel-Centered Counseling

  • What Is Gospel-Centered Counseling?
  • Counseling from Scripture
  • Counseling in Balance
  • Counseling in Context
  • Counseling from the Gospel
  • Transformed by the Gospel: Jacob and Laban
  • Transformed by the Gospel: The Welcoming Father
  • A Case Study: Ernest

Unit 6: The Gospel and Our Sanctification

  • What Is Sanctification?
  • Using Bible Concordances to Find References for Sanctification
  • Sanctification: Union with Christ
  • Sanctification: Joy in Christ
  • Sanctification: Rest in Christ
  • A Case Study: Pastor Jack

Unit 7: The Gospel and Our Emotions

  • Cultural View of Emotions
  • Biblical View of Emotions
  • Investigating the Meaning of the Term “Heart”
  • Emotional Response
  • Emotional Transformation
  • Emotional Complexity
  • Emotional Interpretation
  • The Gospel Impact
  • A Case Study: Sally and Chad

Unit 8: The Gospel and Our Relationships

  • Relational Rootedness
  • Relational Understanding
  • Relational Transformation


  • Gospel-Centered Counseling Summary

Elyse Fitzpatrick has been counseling women since 1989. She is a member of the National Association of Nouthetic Counseling, a retreat and conference speaker, and is the head of Women Helping Women Ministries. Fitzpatrick has a certificate in biblical counseling from CCEEF in San Diego and an MA in biblical counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary.

She is the author of more than 15 books, including Love to Eat, Hate to Eat. Fitzpatrick has developed an extensive curriculum in biblical counseling and has trained students in both North and South America.


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  1. KeepOnSavingMe



    I cannot believe that anyone could give a negative review of her "worldly" credentials. I definitely believe God has given her His credentials, and I hate for anyone to miss this blessing that she has made in these videos. I have seen several mobile education videos, and this one is definitely top notch. I have been a psychiatric nurse for 22 years, and Miss Fitzpatrick definitely has insight on providing counseling to those who are suffering. Many people have difficulty viewing God in the correct perspective, ie thinking "how can God love someone like me." We all are corrupt, and this counselor reminds us that when we are being tempted to believe or act in a certain way, that we should remind ourselves that God does love us, and we need to continually remind ourselves of what God has done for us to demonstrate His love. She gives good practical insights to remind us of how our savior is transforming us, and to encourage others of God's love. When we know how much God loves us, and has forgiven us, then we will be encouraged to do the same for others when they wrong us.

  2. Teemu Phillips
    This author is NOT a member of the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (now the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors) and these "Seminary level lectures" are delivered by someone whose "MA" is from an unaccredited school widely regarded as a diploma mill. Her views on "Gospel-Centered Counseling" and sanctification are far afield from the mainstream of the biblical counseling movement.


Payment plans available in cart