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Biblical Languages
Biblical Languages
Offered exclusively to members our of Academic Program, Biblical Languages allows insightful original-language study with a smart library of ancient texts, lexicons, and grammars, plus tools to dig into Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Aramaic.
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Quick Stats

  • 445
    Total Resources
  • 2.7M
    Links to Bible Passages
    (Actual Value: 2,726,840)
  • 103K
    Pages of Content
    (Actual Value: 103,417)
  • 8.5M
    Connections between Resources
    (Actual Value: 8,475,804)
  • 70
    Visual and Interactive Media Collections


Offered exclusively to members of our Academic Program. This base package comes with all of Logos 6’s intelligent tools and Interactive Media, plus key original-language resources, like the Liddell and Scott Greek–English Lexicon, Theological Lexicons of the Old and New Testaments, and essential texts like the NA28, BHS, and LXX. If you are a student or faculty at one of our partner schools, but find the link disabled, ensure you are logged in, and then apply to our Academic Program.

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Do More With Logos 6

Bible Study

  • Find the right results with one search.
  • Explore beautiful media.
  • Link the Bible story with its geography.
  • Engage the Word with new Interactive Media.
  • Make connections across biblical events.
  • Get instant information on biblical topics.
  • Study Greek and Hebrew—without the degree.
  • Reveal cultural concepts of the biblical world.

Greek and Hebrew

  • Search the original languages in your Bible.
  • Convert Greek and Hebrew.
  • Discover Paul's thought-flow.
  • See every lemma's form and frequency.
  • Connect English ideas to original-language words.
  • Simplify your lexicons.
  • See alternate meanings of original-language words.
  • Explore the Psalms with Interactive Media.
  • Compare differences across ancient texts.
  • Learn to read and write Greek and Hebrew.

Preaching & Teaching

  • Turn your reverse interlinear into a powerful search tool.
  • Engage your audience with elegant presentations.
  • Find relevant, high-quality media.
  • Get quick answers on biblical topics.
  • Compare original manuscripts.
  • Connect the Bible to ancient texts.
  • Explore the Bible's background.
  • See different meanings for Greek and Hebrew words.


  • Discover textual differences across ancient manuscripts.
  • Expose the structure of Hebrew poetry.
  • See how the early church interpreted Scripture.
  • Discover semantic roles for Greek and Hebrew verbs.
  • Simplify your Greek and Hebrew study.
  • Connect cultural concepts with ancient literature.

System Requirements


  • Window 7 SP1
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1024x768 Display
  • 30GB Free Space - Internal HDD/SSD Only (may require additional space depending on your library)
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates, and some features)


  • OS X "Mavericks" 10.9
  • 2GB RAM
  • 30GB Free Space - Internal HDD/SSD Only (may require additional space depending on your library)
  • Internet connection (for activation, updates, and some features)