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All You Need to Believe: The Apostles' Creed

ISBN: 9781575676432


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What do you believe? With the vast array of religions and beliefs that have surfaced in the world today, how can Christians be sure of what we believe? And how can we know that what we believe about our God truly meets the biblical standard?What do we need to believe? From his vast knowledge of the Scriptures and his experience as a missionary, Pastor Donald Cole shares the simple yet profound truths of the gospel through the Apostles' Creed. He touches on every facet of the Creed, referencing the biblical texts that support them. While there are some things about God and His ways that shall remain veiled until we reach heaven, the Bible is very clear about many things, including the person and work of Jesus Christ. Learn All You Need to Believe from the Apostles' Creed through the excellent teaching of pastor Donald Cole.

1. Belief in God Is Personal

2. "I Believe in God"

3. "I Believe in God the Father"

4. "I Believe in God the Father Almighty"

5. "I Believe in Jesus Christ"

6. "I Believe in Jesus Christ, His Only Son"

7. "I Believe in Jesus Christ, Our Lord"

8. "Born of the Virgin Mary"

9. "Suffered Under Pontius Pilate"

10. "I Believe in Jesus Christ... Crucified"

11. "I Believe in Jesus Christ. . . Dead" (1)

12. "I Believe in Jesus Christ.. .Dead" (2)

13. The Riches of Christ's Death

14. "I Believe in Jesus Christ.. .Buried"

15. "He Descended into Hell"

16. "The Third Day He Rose from the Dead"

17. "He Ascended into Heaven"

18. "And Sitteth on the Right Hand of God"

19. "From Thence He Shall Come"

20. "To Judge the Quick and the Dead"

21. "I Believe in the Holy Ghost"

22. "The Holy Catholic Church"

23. "The Communion of Saints"

24. "The Forgiveness of Sins"

25. "The Resurrection of the Body"

26. "And the Life Everlasting"

Product Details

  • Title : All You Need to Believe: The Apostles' Creed
  • Author: Cole, C. Donald
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • Publication Date: 1998
  • ISBN: 9781575676432


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