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The Old Testament Roots of Our Faith, rev. ed.

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ISBN: 9781565631441


The heart of the Christian faith rests upon the confession that “Jesus is Lord,” yet faithful Christians sometimes overlook the fact that the Jesus’ lordship is firmly rooted in the Old Testament’s promises and prophecies. Moreover, knowing Jesus more fully entails knowing the story of God’s salvation planned before the foundation of the world. Modern readers tend to forget that the declaration that “before Abraham was I am” underscores the continuity between the promise to Abraham and its fulfillment in Christ. Acquiring a basic understanding of the relationship between the Old and New Testaments with respect to salvation’s drama will enrich every reader’s faith and appreciation for the Scriptures.

The Logos Bible Software edition of this volume is designed to encourage and stimulate your study and understanding of Scripture. Biblical passages link directly to your English translations and original-language texts, and important theological concepts link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library. In addition, you can perform powerful searches by topic and find what other authors, scholars, and theologians have to say about the Word of God.

Key Features

  • Discusses the indispensability of the Old Testament
  • Argues that to know Jesus Christ, one must start with the Old Testament story
  • Includes a bibliography with resources for further study


  • God’s Promise: The Beginning of the Biblical History
  • The Reason for the Promise: The Primeval History in Genesis
  • The Working Out of the Promise: The Narratives of Genesis–Joshua
  • The Relation of the Law to the Promise
  • A New Addition to the Promise: The Establishment of the Kingship in Israel
  • The Prophetic Understanding of the Promise
  • The Prophetic New Israel and the New Testament Fulfillment of the Promise

Product Details

  • Title: The Old Testament Roots of Our Faith, rev. ed.
  • Authors: Paul J. Achtemeier and Elizabeth Achtemeier
  • Publisher: Baker Academic
  • Publication Date: 1994
  • Pages: 160

About the Authors

Elizabeth Achtemeier was an adjunct professor of Bible and homiletics at Union Theological Seminary in Virginia. She has authored a number of books, including Nature, God, and Pulpit and Preaching from the Old Testament.

Paul J. Achtemeier is the former Herbert Worth and Annie H. Jackson Professor of Biblical Interpretation at Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Virginia. He has served as the president of both the Society of Biblical Literature and the Catholic Biblical Association. He has authored a number of books, including 1 Peter (Hermeneia) and is the general editor for Harper’s Bible Dictionary.