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The Great Sacrifice, or The Gospel According to Leviticus
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The Great Sacrifice, or The Gospel According to Leviticus


4 publishers 1854

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Using comparison with the Gospels, John Cumming introduces salvation and vindication by grace—through inherent faith in the sacrifice. Cumming expresses that as Christians while we receive grace through faith in the sacrifice of Christ, the Israelites’ faith in blood sacrifice led to similar vindication.

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Key Features

  • Offers an accompaniment to Sabbath morning readings
  • Contrasts Leviticus to other areas of the Bible


  • The Contrast
  • Confession Through Sacrifice
  • The Sacrifice of Sweet-Smelling Savour
  • Our Advocate
  • Peace with God
  • The Ground of Joy
  • The Christian Offering
  • The Great Question
  • Christian Priests
  • The Object and End
  • Last Appeal

Praise for the Print Edition

This volume contains much good and solid matter, and has evidently cost the author more earnest and serious thought than some of his productions, to which we could refer, at more than twice its bulk.

Tait’s Edinburgh Magazine

Product Details

  • Title: The Great Sacrifice, or The Gospel According to Leviticus
  • Author: John Cumming
  • Publisher: John Farquhar
  • Publication Date: 1854
  • Pages: 200

About John Cumming

John Cumming was educated at King’s College and the University of Aberdeen before being ordained into the Anglican Church. Cumming went on to become Regius Professor of Divinity and Ecclesiastical History at the University of Edinburgh.