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New Covenant Commentary: Revelation (NCCS)

Format: Digital
, 2011
ISBN: 9781608994311 ratings


The New Covenant Commentary Series, compiled by contributors form a diverse range of backgrounds, devotes itself to the task of biblical interpretation and theological reflection. It unwraps each biblical book section-by-section, providing a clear view of the theology and application within. Focusing on both the text and various contexts of each book, the series illustrates the impact they had on faith and tradition at the time of their composition—and the significance they continue to have in contemporary life, faith, and ministry.

Revelation is a book that many Christians find confusing due to the foreign nature of its apocalyptic imagery. It is a book that has prompted endless discussions about the “end times” with theological divisions forming around epicenters such as the rapture and the millennium. In this New Covenant Commentary Series volume, award winning author Gordon Fee attempts to excavate the layers of symbolic imagery and provide an exposition of Revelation that is clear, easy to follow, convincing, and engaging. Fee shows us how John’s message confronts the world with the Revelation of Jesus Christ so that Christians might see themselves as caught up in the drama of God’s triumph over sin, evil, and death. Fee draws us into the world of John and invites us to see the world through John’s eyes as the morbid realities of this world have the joyous realities of heaven cast over them. In this latest installment in the New Covenant Commentary Series we see one of North America’s best evangelical exegetes at his very best.

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Key Features

  • Section-by-section commentary
  • Comprehensive introduction, abbreviations, bibliography, and index
  • Exploration of the extensive imagery in Revelation


  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • The Introduction (Revelation 1)
  • The Letters to the Seven Churches (Revelation 2–3)
    • Fusing the Horizons: Christ and His Church(es)
  • John’s Vision of Heaven and Earth (Revelation 4–6)
    • Fusing the Horizons: Getting One’s Priorities in Order
  • An Interlude in Two Parts (Revelation 7)
  • The Blowing of the Seven Trumpets (Revelation 8–11)
  • The Holy War Is Engaged (Revelation 12:1–14:13)
  • Prelude to the (Original) Tale of Two Cities (Revelation 14:14–20)
  • The Seven Bowls of God’s Wrath (Revelation 15–16)
  • The (Original) Tale of Two Cities, Part 1:
    • The Demise of Rome
  • The Last Battle and the End of Evil (Revelation 19:11–20:15)
  • The (Original) Tale of Two Cities, Part 2:
    • God Makes All Things New (Revelation 21:1–22:5)
      • Fusing the Horizons: The Original Tale of Two Cities
  • The Wrap-Up (or Epilogue)
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Index

Praise for the Print Edition

Gordon Fee has trained a generation of scholars and pastors in the art of biblical interpretation. In this volume, this master exegete applies his skills to guide the reader through one of the most often misunderstood books of the New Testament. Fee writes a commentary on Revelation—not a commentary on commentaries on Revelation—that provides an engaging, readable exposition of this text that lay persons will find immediately accessible. His personality shines through on every page, so that the reader does not merely encounter ‘material,’ but also the faithful teacher behind the material.

David A. deSilva, Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of New Testament and Greek, Ashland Theological Seminary

Product Details

About Gordon D. Fee

Gordon D. Fee is professor emeritus at Regent College in Vancouver, Canada. He received his BA and MA degrees from Seattle Pacific University and was ordained in the Assemblies of God Church in 1959. Fee earned his doctorate from the University of Southern California in 1966. He is the author of several volumes, including First Epistle to the Corinthians, Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, and The First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians in the NICNT series, as well as God’s Empowering Presence, Pauline Christology, New Testament Exegesis and many others.