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Ephesians (New Covenant Commentary | NCCS)

, 2010
ISBN: 9781606081419


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The New Covenant Commentary: Ephesians by New Testament scholar Lynn Cohick provides valuable, practical, and non-technical insights into Paul’s epistle to Ephesians, which speaks to our deepest questions about God: Ephesians addresses the redemptive plan of God written from ages past now revealed; the work of Christ complete and effective now and for eternity; the power of the Holy Spirit to change lives and build a community. The clear message of God’s unfathomable grace establishes the believer’s hope and undergirds the call for faithful living. Down through the centuries, the clarion call to unity that permeates Ephesians has inspired and challenged the faithful to live out the promises found in Christ. This short letter speaks to the twenty-first century’s longing for friendship and wholeness.

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Resource Experts
  • Section-by-section commentary
  • Comprehensive introduction, abbreviations, bibliography, and index
  • Exposition on the faithful promises of Christ
  • Preface
  • Abbreviations
  • Introduction
  • Ephesians 1
    • Fusing the Horizons: God’s Plan, Uniting All Things in Christ
    • Fusing the Horizons: Election, Predestination, and Free Will
  • Ephesians 2
    • Fusing the Horizons: Citizenship
  • Ephesians 3
    • Fusing the Horizons: Prison Ministry Then and Now
    • Fusing the Horizons: Paul the Servant
  • Ephesians 4
    • Fusing the Horizons: Paul’s Sermons and Letters
    • Fusing the Horizons: Ministry and the Church
    • Fusing the Horizons: Refusing to Walk the Walk—So What?
  • Ephesians 5
    • Prolegomena to the Household Codes
    • Fusing the Horizons: Marriage Then and Now
  • Ephesians 6
    • Fusing the Horizons: Infanticide and Abortion
    • Fusing the Horizons: Seated with Christ and Standing Firm
    • Fusing the Horizons: Christian Obedience
    • Fusing the Horizons: Christian Nominalism and Life in the Spirit
  • Bibliography
  • Scripture Index
  • Index of Ancient Sources
  • Author Index
  • Subject Index

The New Covenant Commentary Series, compiled by contributors form a diverse range of backgrounds, devotes itself to the task of biblical interpretation and theological reflection. It unwraps each biblical book section-by-section, providing a clear view of the theology and application within. Focusing on both the text and various contexts of each book, the series illustrates the impact they had on faith and tradition at the time of their composition—and the significance they continue to have in contemporary life, faith, and ministry.

Lynn Cohick’s commentary on Ephesians provides a practical explanation and appropriation of the letter. She demonstrates that she is well-informed about the issues, sane in her judgments, effective in her communication, and that she cares about the lives of modern Christians. Her knowledge of the ancient world allows her to bring historical and sociological information to bear on the text and its interpretation. People seeking an easily accessible and non-technical treatment of Ephesians will enjoy this commentary.

Klyne Snodgrass, Paul W. Brandel Professor of New Testament Studies, North Park Theological Seminary

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Lynn H. Cohick

Dr. Lynn H. Cohick, professor of New Testament at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Illinois, is interested in studying how average Jews and Christians lived out their faith in the ancient settings of Hellenism and the Roman Empire, as well as how Jews and Christians today can better appreciate and understand each other. She also studies women of the ancient world—especially how they celebrated their religions—and the impact of feminist thought on New Testament studies. She also enjoys studying the Apostle Paul and his epistles within their larger Jewish and Greco-Roman milieu.

Dr. Cohick had the privilege of teaching overseas at the Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology in Nairobi, Kenya for three years, and was challenged by the students’ dedication and sharp intellect.

When not teaching or writing, she enjoys reading mysteries and jogging with her husband, Jim.


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Digital list price: $18.99
Save $4.00 (21%)