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Counseling Bundle, ver. 2, L (45 vols.)
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This base package supplement has everything a pastor or Christian counselor needs for a biblical approach to counseling. Covering a wide-range of issues, topics, and techniques, this bundle includes resources by experts in the field of pastoral care. It introduces the major schools of family therapy and illustrates how they function both for assessing and treating individual and family problems. Also included in this bundle are 17 issues of The Journal of Modern Ministry. Founded by author Dr. Jay Adams, The Journal of Modern Ministry provides dozens of biblically based, scholarly articles on counseling, pastoral care, parenting, family life, medicine, and much more. With contemporary culture characterized by both ethical confusion and increasingly complex moral choices, the works contained in this bundle are a necessity for any pastor, counselor, or parent’s library.




10 Vols.



19 Vols.



45 Vols.

New to Version 2
Pastoral Care Emergencies      
Integrative Family Therapy      
Comfort Those Who Grieve      
Counsel Your Flock: Fulfilling Your Role as a Teaching Shepherd      
Visit the Sick: Ministering God's Grace in Times of Illness      
Conduct Gospel-Centered Funerals: Applying the Gospel at the Unique Challenge of Death      
Counsel One Another: A Theology of Personal Discipleship      
Depression: A Rescue Plan      
The Wounded Heart: Hope for Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse      
Also Included
A Primer in Pastoral Care      
Pastoral Visitation      
Premarital Guidance      
Pastoral Care of Older Adults      
Counseling Adolescent Girls      
Woman Battering      
Counseling Men      
What the Bible Says About . . . Suffering      
Biblical Counsel: Resources for Renewal      
When Faith Is Tested: Pastoral Responses to Suffering and Tragic Death      
Grief, Transition, and Loss: A Pastor’s Practical Guide      
Short-Term Spiritual Guidance      
The Pastor as Moral Guide      
Crisis Counseling: Revised Edition      
Marriage Is for Love      
Overcoming Panic Attacks      
God in Everyday Life: The Book of Ruth for Expositors and Biblical Counselors      
Competency-Based Counseling: Building on Client Strengths      
Creating a Healthier Church: Family Systems Theory, Leadership, and Congregational Life      
Journal of Modern Ministry (17 Issues)      

Key Features

  • Practical set of leadership ideas and behaviors
  • Assistance in the emotional and spiritual preparation of pastoral caregivers
  • Effective guidance in developing an intentional, proactive program of pastoral visitation in the local church
  • Helpful guidelines for churches in establishing congregational policies for both premarital counseling and the design of the wedding service itself

Comfort Those Who Grieve

Until the end of time, when the curse of sin is finally removed, suffering will be a large part of the human experience—and a large part of that suffering will be walking through the painful reality of death. Death is not foreign territory that ministers of grace walk upon. As a result, “Death,” writes Paul Tautges, “provides a natural opportunity not only for ministry to others, but also for personal growth in ministers.” Therefore, church shepherds must not waste these precious and painful occasions that God provides for the demonstration of mercy and the advantage of the gospel.

This book is a treasure chest of pastoral theology that will equip ministers to reach out to those who grieve with the Christ-centered comfort of God rooted in the gospel. The theological foundation espoused here, as well as the numerous practical helps that are included, will help any servant of the Lord to point the hearts and minds of the bereaved to the “man of sorrows” who is “acquainted with grief” (Isa. 53:3).

Counsel Your Flock: Fulfilling Your Role as a Teaching Shepherd

“One of the surest signs of the blessing of God upon His people is the gift of spiritual shepherds who faithfully care for His flock,” writes Paul Tautges. Sadly, pastors today have become business professionals who are no longer content to shepherd their flocks by teaching the Word of God and caring for their souls, but instead farm their people out to psychological counselors, who are incapable of meeting the real needs of people.

Here is an urgent appeal for teaching shepherds to return to authentic biblical ministry: to be tenacious in their study and preaching of the whole counsel of God, and tender in their application of its demands to the lives of God’s sheep through the personal and pastoral ministry of counseling. In his companion book, Counsel One Another, Paul defended the role of every believer in the discipleship process; here he concentrates on the specific ministry of pastors and elders, particularly their role in leading God’s flock to spiritual maturity and equipping it for effective service. He reminds ministers that they have a privileged responsibility to function as undershepherds for Christ, the Chief Shepherd, but those who are faithful will receive an eternal reward.

Visit the Sick: Ministering God's Grace in Times of Illness

The demands of the twenty-first-century have led to the neglect of certain essential responsibilities in the life of a Christian. One of those is the visitation and care of the sick in our congregations. This book is designed to instruct and motivate pastors, church leaders, and other care-giving Christians through the counsel of our heroes of church history, to recapture the practice of visiting the sick. This is accomplished by considering three specific areas. First, is our commitment to the theological as we consider how to most effectively care for their souls. Second, is our commitment to the pastoral, which instructs us how to proceed with wisdom and discernment in the variety of circumstances we will face. Third, is our commitment to the practical so that the manner in which we care for the sick will help, not hinder our effort to communicate biblical truth to them.