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Theology Bundle, ver. 2, M (21 vols.)
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Get more volumes of critical theology in your Logos 5 library today! See into the theologies of Karl Barth and Johannes von Hoffman, and explore the critical cornerstone of theology of the Trinity. This base package supplement contains biblical theologies accessible to any denomination.




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94 Vols.

New to Version 2
The Fire That Consumes: A Biblical and Historical Study of the Doctrine of Final Punishment, 3rd ed.        
13 Lessons in Christian Doctrine        
Life Beyond the Sun: An Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy Through the Lens of Ecclesiastes        
Practical Aspects of Pastoral Theology        
Doing God’s Business God’s Way: A Biblical Theology of Ministry        
Theology Matters        
Dispensationalism Tomorrow and Beyond: A Theological Collection In Honor of Charles C. Ryrie        
Prolegomena: Introductory Notes on Bible Study and Theological Method        
A Biblical Theology of the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace: Exegetical Considerations of Key Anthropological, Hamartiological, and Soteriological Terms and Motifs        
Theopolitical Imagination        
The Greatness of the Rapture: The Pre-Day of the Lord’s Rapture        
A Royal Destiny: The Reign of Man in God’s Kingdom        
Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow We Live: Studies in Christianity and Development        
In Search of the Common Good        
John and Postcolonialism: Travel, Space, and Power        
Postcolonial Biblical Criticism: Interdisciplinary Intersections        
Public Theology for the 21st Century        
The Solidarity of Others in a Divided World: A Postmodern Theology after Postmodernism        
Theology in Global Context: Essays in Honor of Robert C. Neville        
Christ, Church and Society: Essays on John Baillie and Donald Baillie        
Christian Ethics in Secular Worlds        
Encounter with God        
Friendship: A Way of Interpreting Christian Love        
God’s Ways with the World: Thinking and Practising Christian Faith        
Happiness and Benevolence        
Holiness: Past and Present        
Life Together: Family, Sexuality and Community in the New Testament and Today        
Living the Christian Story: The Distinctiveness of Christian Ethics        
Our Legacy: The History of Christian Doctrine        
5 Minute Theologian: Maximum Truth in Minimum Time        
A Biblical View of Law and Justice: Christian Perspectives on Law        
Reconstructing Christian Origins? The Feminist Theology of Elisabeth Schussler: An Evaluation        
Contextual Theology for Latin America: Liberation Themes in Evangelical Perspective        
The Origins and Early Development of Liberation Theology in Latin America        
Faith Lacking Understanding        
Mission and the Coming of God: Eschatology, the Trinity, and Mission in the Theology of Jürgen Moltmann and Contemporary Evangelicalism        
The Possibility of Salvation Among the Unevangelised: An Analysis of Inclusivism in Recent Evangelical Theology        
Public Theology in Cultural Engagement        
The Consistency of the Divine Conduct in Revealing of the Doctrines of Redemption        
Theological Propædeutic, vol. 1        
Understanding Assurance and Salvation        
Biblical Systematics        
Classical Arminianism: The Theology of Salvation        
Grace, Faith, Free Will: Contrasting Views of Salvation        
The Quest for Truth: Theology for Postmodern World        
Also Included
Introduction to Systematic Theology        
Summary of Christian Doctrine        
Abstract of Systematic Theology        
Lectures on Systematic Theology        
A Systematic Theology of Biblical Christianity (3 vols.)        
A Manual of Theology        
Systematic Theology (2 vols.)        
The System of Theology Contained in the Westminster Shorter Catechism Opened and Explained        
The Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons        
Divine Freedom and the Doctrine of the Immanent Trinity: In Dialogue with Karl Barth and Contemporary Theology        
The Self-Giving God and Salvation History: The Trinitarian Theology of Johannes von Hofmann        
Karl Barth and Evangelical Theology: Convergences and Divergences        
Regarding Karl Barth        
God and the Future: Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Eschatological Doctrine of God        
Justification: The Heart of the Christian Faith        
The Shape of Pneumatology: Studies in the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit        
Foundations of Systematic Theology        
King, Priest, and Prophet: A Trinitarian Theology of Atonement        
Christ, Providence and History: The Theology of Hans W. Frei        
Faith in the Millennium        
Forgiveness in Context: Theology and Psychology in Creative Dialogue        
Captured by the Crucified: The Practical Theology of Austin Farrer        
Ascension and Ecclesia        
The Gift of the World: An Introduction to the Theology of Dumitru Staniloae        
Barth’s Moral Theology: Human Action in Barth’s Thought        
Naming the Silences: God, Medicine, and the Problem of Suffering        
Creatio Ex Nihilo: The Doctrine of ‘Creation out of Nothing’ in Early Christian Thought        
Studies in Early Christology        
The Future as God’s Gift: Explorations in Christian Eschatology        
The Doctrine of Creation: Essays in Dogmatics, History and Philosophy        
An American Augustinian: Sin and Salvation in the Dogmatic Theology of William G. T. Shedd        
Beyond Salvation: Eastern Orthodoxy and Classical Pentecostalism on Becoming Like Christ        
The Church and Deaf People: A Study of Identity, Communication, and Relationships with Special Reference to the Ecclesiology of Jurgen Moltmann        
Confronting the Will-to-Power: A Reconsideration of the Theology of Reinhold Niebuhr        
The Crisis and the Quest: A Kierkegaardian Reading of Charles Williams        
The Deconstruction of Dualism in Theology        
Deification in Eastern Orthodox Theology: An Evaluation and Critique of the Theology of Dumitru Staniloae        
Disavowing Constantine: Mission, Church, and the Social Order in the Theologies of John Howard Yoder and Jurgen Moltmann        
Fixing the Indemnity: The Life and Work of George Adam Smith        
The Triumph of Christ in African Perspective: A Study of Demonology and Redemption in the African Context        
The Justifying Judgement of God: A Reassessment of the Place of Judgement in the Saving Work of Christ        
Living the Word, Resisting the World        
Paradox in Christian Theology        
The Power of the Cross: Theology and the Death of Christ in Paul, Luther, and Pascal        
Revelation and the Spirit: A Comparative Study of the Relationship between the Doctrine of Revelation and Pneumatology in the Theology of Eberhard Jungel and of Wolfhart Pannenberg        
A Theology of Work: Work and the New Creation        

Key Features

  • Outline of the task, method, and history of dogmatics
  • Explanation of the Reformed notion of revelation, inspiration, and human understanding
  • Pure example of nineteenth century Baptist theology
  • Essays in systematic theology
  • Analysis of Christian morality and ethics
  • Strong emphasis on the scriptural basis for each doctrine and teaching

13 Lessons in Christian Doctrine

This volume is a foundational resource for understanding and living, designed for new and growing Christians. A great tool for personal study or in small groups, Sizemore's work covers thirteen different topics: the most basic truths of God, Jesus Christ, the Bible, the Church, The transition from lost to saved, faith, repentance, baptism, expressions of worship, the Lord’s Supper, prayer, giving, giving in the New Testament, the believer’s future, the mission of the Church, and the coming of the Lord. Reflective questions conclude each lesson.

Life Beyond the Sun: An Introduction to Worldview and Philosophy Through the Lens of Ecclesiastes

Solomon, in the book of Ecclesiastes, offers one of the most insightful earth-centered perspectives on the world and life in it. He examines succinctly the futility, the emptiness, and the hopelessness of life under the sun, life apart from God. At the same time, he suggests the wonder and value of even the simplest act when performed in the context of God’s glory. In Life Beyond the Sun, Dr. Cone introduces an overview of Solomon’s worldview and discusses how it seems to anticipate the worldviews of philosophers who came after him. As he discusses the various aspects of Solomon’s Biblical worldview, Dr. Cone supplies a generous amount of parallels from philosophers through the ages for comparison. He notes how Solomon’s criticisms of the endeavors of godless men seem to apply so well to some of the world’s greatest minds.

Practical Aspects of Pastoral Theology

Seventeen contributors offer valuable insights on many aspects of pastoral ministry. Subjects range from defining what a pastor is and describing his function within the church through the practice of church discipline, the role of a pastor’s wife, the mission of a church up to the measure of success in pastoral ministry, all with the consideration of God’s purpose and glory. Nothing of importance is left out.

Doing God’s Business God’s Way: A Biblical Theology of Ministry

This book calls all genuine disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ, both vocational ministers and lay people, to serve our Savior by carrying out His marching orders His way. This demands that the doctrines of man, sin, salvation, the Word, and the Spirit have full sway in all that we do in the name of Christ. Whatever we are engaged in, whether witnessing to the lost or carrying out our various other responsibilities (e.g., preaching, teaching, counseling, and encouraging), we must be divinely directed by the practical implications of God's grace. Then we, as faithful channels, may joyously come to understand that it is God who causes any and all growth (1 Corinthians 3:6).

Dispensationalism Tomorrow and Beyond: A Theological Collection In Honor of Charles C. Ryrie

Dispensationalism Tomorrow and Beyond was written in honor of Dr. Charles Ryrie by scholars who hold to the same basic view of Dispensationalism for which he is noted. This book address subjects related directly or indirectly to that system of theology. It exhibits a confirmed commitment to the authority, power, sufficiency, original languages, and correct interpretation of the Scriptures and reflects careful exegesis of pertinent biblical passages and significant interaction with writings of scholars who disagree with the Dispensational view of the Bible. Readers will be introduced to subjects not normally addressed by Dispensational authors.

Prolegomena: Introductory Notes on Bible Study and Theological Method

With insight and passion, Dr. Cone lays the foundation for the theological method he advocates by placing it squarely in the center of biblical theology, establishing that context effectively, and wrapping it all up in the literal-grammatical-historical method of hermeneutics. As he develops this context, Dr. Cone shows that biblical theology bears a vital relationship to philosophy, science, epistemology, and worldview. Dr. Cone develops his thesis around four pillars, which form the main body of his work:

  • The existence of the biblical God
  • God’s authoritative self-revelation to man
  • Natural-man’s incapacity to comprehend God’s revelation
  • A consistent hermeneutic

Although all four pillars are important, the fourth pillar provides the real meat of the work by advocating a consistently literal hermeneutic as a means for understanding and developing the truths in the other three pillars and as the only hermeneutic that can correctly interpret Scripture and exegete truth from the biblical text. In addition, the book contains an extensive bibliography for further study.

A Biblical Theology of the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace: Exegetical Considerations of Key Anthropological, Hamartiological, and Soteriological Terms and Motifs

In A Biblical Theology of the Doctrines of Sovereign Grace, author and linguist George J. Zemek presents readers a thorough and biblical view of the doctrines of man, sin, and salvation—as well as other important terms and tenets of faith—in light of biblical anthropology, hamartiology, and soteriology. Zemek analyzes various topics in their original Hebrew and Greek, giving readers a comprehensive and exegetical understanding of these doctrinally important concepts. This volume includes eleven appendixes.

The Greatness of the Rapture: The Pre-Day of the Lord’s Rapture

What is the rapture? What does it involve? When does it take place? How does it relate to other events in the last days? With insight and clarity, Dr. Olander answers these and other questions, while at the same time developing a new approach to an old subject.

In this book, Dr. Olander makes a tremendous contribution to end-times studies by introducing a more theologically sound terminology. In place of the concept of a “pre-tribulation rapture,” Dr. Olander introduces and develops the idea of a “pre-day-of-the-Lord rapture” of the church. As he further develops this idea, Dr. Olander offers a better and more thorough understanding of the rapture itself, as well as a clearer understanding of the Day of the Lord.

A Royal Destiny: The Reign of Man in God's Kingdom

Thurman Wisdom provides a thoroughly integrated biblical theology in A Royal Destiny. Weaving Christ, redemption, and the kingdom of God into a unifying theme, Wisdom follows the biblical drama from Genesis to Revelation. He traces the theme through the Old and New Testaments and illustrates from Abraham’s life how God prepares His servants for kingdom rule. He closes with God’s final destruction of human rebellion at Armageddon. Along the way, he discusses hermeneutics, progressive revelation, and end-time prophetic events. With a rich writing style, Wisdom helps pastors, teachers, and Bible students understand and proclaim the message of "the whole counsel of God."

The Consistency of the Divine Conduct in Revealing of the Doctrines of Redemption

The Hulsean Lectures, a series established at Cambridge University in 1777, were originally meant to be given by clergymen at Cambridge on topics such as the evidence of revealed religion, prophecies and miracles, and difficult or obscure biblical texts. Henry Alford himself lectured, and this volume is the culmination of his Hulsean Lectures at Cambridge in 1841, containing eight lectures and two sermons. Building on each other, the lectures combined make up an astute theological resource, rich with insight regarding the divinity of God, the fall of man, Christ’s atonement, the cross of Christ, and the Resurrection.

Theological Propædeutic, vol. 1

In his 2-volume Theological Propædeutic, Schaff outlines for his students the various sub-disciplines of theology and the methods of theology study. This Propædeutic is derived from Schaff's classroom lectures, and refined by repeated deliveries and substantial student commentary. Schaff's clear style makes these volumes accessible and readable for both Schaff's students and for a wider audience.

Volume 1 of the Theological Propædeutic outlines the nature of religion and defines the task of theology and its relationship to the Bible. He devotes special attention to the rise of the historical-critical method and the prominence of textual criticism in the nineteenth century.