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The Epistle to the Philippians: New International Greek Testament Commentary
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The Epistle to the Philippians: New International Greek Testament Commentary


Eerdmans 1991

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This commentary series is established on the presupposition that the theological character of the New Testament documents calls for exegesis that is sensitive to theological themes as well as to the details of the historical, linguistic, and textual context. Such thorough exegetical work lies at the heart of these volumes, which contain detailed verse-by-verse commentary preceded by general comments on each section and subsection of the text.

An important aim of the NIGTC authors is to interact with the wealth of significant New Testament research published in recent articles and monographs. In this connection the authors make their own scholarly contributions to the ongoing study of the biblical text.

The text on which these commentaries are based is the UBS Greek New Testament, edited by Kurt Aland and others. While engaging the major questions of text and interpretation at a scholarly level, the authors keep in mind the needs of the beginning student of Greek as well as the pastor or layperson who may have studied the language at some time but does not now use it on a regular basis.

Paul's letter to the Philippians has been a favorite of Christians for almost two thousand years. Its themes—joy and fellowship, love and suffering, humility and perseverance—strike responsive chords in many hearts, and the epistle\injunctions to stand firm for the gospel and to remain united in love are as relevant to believers today as they were to the Philippians of Paul's day.

In this commentary Peter T. O'Brien presents a rich exposition Philippians. Based on careful historical-critical-linguistic of exegesis of the Greek text, O'Brien's work is fundamentally theological and makes available to the serious student of the New Testament the fruits of recent scholarship. O'Brien examines each paragraph of the text structurally, thematically, and exegetically to determine its place within the flow of the letter's argument and in the light of Paul's purposes for writing the epistle. Topics given particular attention include background information on the city of Philippi, the letter's authorship and date and place of writing, the unity and integrity of the letter in the light of recent structural studies, the nature of Paul's opponents and the question of the Judaizers, and the place and function of the Christological "hymn" (2:5-11) within the letter.

NIGTC: Philippians was Christianity Today’s number 2 Critic's Choice for Commentaries (1993)

Praise for the Print Edition

There can be no doubt that O'Brien's commentary on Philippians is the best available in English for careful detailed exegesis of the Greek text and judicious sifting of the interpretations of other scholars. His labors have put students of this letter in his debt for the invaluable resource he has supplied to aid their own close reading of the text.

Journal of Biblical Literature

This is a model commentary, carefully argued, well written, with sane judgments. O'Brien is well aware of the vast literature on this letter and interacts with it carefully; yet he has struck his own course. This is a superb guide to understanding both Paul and Philippians.

—Gordon D. Fee

The book is a well written, in-depth exegetical commentary on the epistle. The author's penchant for a thorough elucidation of the text, including a diligent presentation of the various viewpoints on different issues, provides an excellent foundation for understanding the epistle...Overall, O'Brien's work is a valuable contribution and deserves wide circulation. The serious student will find it a most helpful resource.

The Master's Seminary Journal 3:2, Fall 1992, pp. 230-31, Irvin A. Busenitz, Professor of Bible Exposition and Old Testament

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  • Title: The Epistle to the Philippians - New International Greek Testament Commentary
  • Author: Peter T. O'Brien
  • Publisher: Eerdmans
  • Publication Date: 1991
  • Pages: 638

About Peter T. O'Brien

Peter T. O'Brien is vice principal and head of the New Testament Department at Moore Theological College in Newtown, New South Wales, Australia. An ordained minister in the Anglican Church of Australia, he is the author of Introductory Thanksgiving in the Letters of Paul and of the volume on Colossians and Philemon in the Word Biblical Commentary series.